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By gerard7mary
This might be happening very soon--we had the End of the Mayan Era, and the Beginning of a New one.
The interest in Medjugorje has just got to get more and more from now on--Pagans like the Mayans may seem to be wrong in their Predictions but they're not totally wrong--something New is starting--the Holy Father is now on Twitter and the World is more and more disordered by the day.
"The devil is going round like a raging lion, because he knows his time is short ...!!
Watch the Hill of Apparitions for the Great Sign, that's what I think to do.
Something big is going to break in Medjugorje . It can't be too much longer.
News goes round the world in a second. Pray for the Pope's Intentions. Twitter is a powerful Tool.

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By mamamary
we are here! the messages have been a powerful means of drawing souls back to God's Love. the words of the Christmas message are ringing round the planet!

i do want to caution feeling fear or anxiety about any events. the Mayan calendar hoopla was nothing but today's superstitious people own self created hysteria about nothing at all. it was a calendar of an ancient civilization, and the long count ended. period. in the writings of the mayans, they say themselves that it is nothing but a count. (i feel they had much more sense than most in today's media! haha!)

the messages of Mary thru medjguorje should not be linked to such superstitious fortune telling. this is not what the messages are all about. it is a call to love, to awakening, to healing. the New Era should be one that we make in our own hearts, one that we decide for everyday and are guided to thru medjugorje. if you have not already done so, make today your own "new era"!