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By Jackie
I desperatly need your help in prayers for the conversion of my husband Maurice and my 3 children Natalie, Valerie and Christian.

They do not believe in God and think to do so is brain washing... I have been praying with no results for more than a year now...
My husband fights with me every time that I go to church which makes me feel that I should stay home as to avoid all the yelling and fighting.
Any advice on how to get a conversion would be appreciated. Thank you.
By MarysChild2000

Just keep praying. God will do it on his time. Pray that your husband and children's hearts will be open. I have been praying for my sister for 5 years now -- she just started to go back to Mass. Baby steps - but she is going to Mass!

You and your family are in my prayers. May God bless you and your family.
By Guest
I have the same problem and share your prayer too. I pray that both of our prayers will soon be answered. God bless. Louise (Wales)

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