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By Patty Cowan
Please pray that there is a stay on the execution date of Stanley Williams. It is scheduled for December 13, 2005. He is the co-founder of the Crips gang. Since in prison he has not only converted he has 'saved' many children from going into gangs. He has written many children's book and has video coverage from the prison into classrooms. He tells his story and how wrong it is to commit murder and all crimes and how wrong it is to join gangs.

This is powerful testimony proving how the death penalty should be stopped, that you never know how God will touch someone's life and work through them.
Thanks so much,
Patty, AR, USA
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By MedjAdmin

Thanks for posting. This is an interesting topic and I don't know the whole story. I will pray for Stanley Williams, and for all on death row. It is hard to believe that we still execute criminals like this... The strangest part of it is that the "Christians" are the ones advocating it, but that is a separate issue for a separate forum I guess.

All I know is that Our Lady would not be a fan of capital punishment. Their crimes are disgusting -- I understand the reasoning behind the sentences -- but Jesus took away the 'eye for an eye' mentality, or at least he tried to.

God bless those who die before getting the chance to repent.

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