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By Ryan
His name is Arash E and he is dabbling in the occult and quickly getting very lost in it , drugs , prostitution and alot more . Please join with me in praying to Mother Mary to turn him around so he doesn't go straight to Hell when he dies . Also is newly homeless , i believe due to drug useage , but i'm not sure . He's really not a bad guy , but had a rough childhood (not that that is a good excuse) , but i did as well and i know how lost a person can get with low self esteem , sex , drugs and so on . I feel that it is very urgent to get him help now he is on the brink of insanity and may even commit suicide if all else fails for him .

Mary our Mother protect us under your mantal .

Thanks for your help in advance , God love you Ryan
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By MedjAdmin

Arash E is in our prayers. I am confident that his problems can be overcome, and that he can be coverted. Live your life as an example to him... tell him about the good facets of your faith... and when the time comes, invite him to take part in your beliefs in some little way. Christmastime is perfect for this. I would recommend midnight Mass...

On that beautiful night of Christmas eve, when his friends might be prowling the streets and altering their minds with various drugs/alcohol, you can be showing your friend how much Jesus truly loves him by taking him to Midnight Mass.

I have seen it so many times before: Jesus pours down the graces on sinners, because they need his love the most! It happened to me... it happened to you... and it will happen to your friend Arash E.

God bless you and yours.
By Ryan
Thank you so much for your prayers and kind hopeful words . Theres alot of great people on this web site , it tells me that Our Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy , has her hand in and on this web site . God love you and thanks ! Ryan

I will invite him to Midnight Mass thats a great idea , will ask his mom and dad too , maybe it can be a time of healing for them all . Again thank you Ryan

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