Make requests for prayers here, and pray for our brothers and sisters who have posted requests. "Pray, pray, pray!"

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Dear friends,

Many prayers are needed for our clergy, please, in your merciful hearts, let us unite in prayer,
and pray every day for the good of Holy Mother Church, for all our priests, our cardinals,
and our bishops.

The time you spend with the Lord is not measured in minutes but in love,
graces, blessings, protection, fruits, more intimacy and knowledge of God.

I love, love, love, EWTN + Global Catholic Network
Please see:
...Every day I pray the Rosary with Mother Angelica 11:00AM
...St. Michael Chaplet 7:00 AM
...Holy Mass (live) at 8:00 AM

♥ Sandy
Yes, our priests need our prayers. I include them in my morning offering and include them in my prayers during the day. An Our Father and Angelus is a simple way to pray for priests. The Our Father and the first Hail Mary for the Pope, second Hail Mary for your bishop and all bishops, third Hail Mary for your priest and all priests. The first Our Father and 3 Hail Marys of the rosary can be offered up for the Pope too.

I love to pray the morning rosary with Mother Angelica. It's at a speed I can follow easily. I also use the audios of Mother Angelica's rosary so I can pause if I get interrupted.Here's a link: ... joyful.htm

Thank you for your replies.

Hi Maryh and beloved!

Maryh, sometimes it is helpful to pray one rosary throughout the day, you can pray
it a little at a time, morning, lunch time, afternoon, evening and at bedtime. ,
With practice you will want to pray the rosary as a whole, you will grow to love your rosary
more and more.
I find using my small Rosary-prayerbook, which has pictures of each mystery, just looking
at the picture while praying the Hail Marys, I seem to enter into the mystery being prayed, as
if I am there. The rosary is so sacred, that I want to be a part of each mystery. Just think, we
are offered to be with Jesus and Mary in their time on earth.

I believe, it is a call from heaven to souls, to pray Our Lady's rosary, and the wise answer with love.

Beloved, the website is so helpful, thank you for posting it here. I am glad it has the picture
with the mystery.

I love you guys ! :-)

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