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By Maryschild

I ♥ J M J
Heavenly Father may You be Praised, Loved and Adored, now and
through all eternity.
Thank You for the gift of life, my family and loved ones, all of Your creation,
every man, woman and child . . . all Your creatures, great and small!
And, for this special time of "Grace and Mercy for all mankind."

Lord hear our prayers for:
  • The President and all who govern us, that our country might trust in God
    and join in prayer for unity, and strength in these hard times we are now facing.

    May we have peace in our families, our homes and lasting world peace.
    May there be an end to all violence and all hate from our hearts.

    All the victims of violence, for those suffering the loss of loved ones and the
    children who will suffer from their loss.

    Those who suffered from recent disasters, that they may receive all the
    help that they need.

    Those who are ill and those who are near death this day.
    We pray to You, heavenly Father, in Jesus name. Amen

    Sacred Heart of Jesus Thy Kingdom Come!
    Mary, most sorrowful, Mother of Christians, pray for us!
♥ Sandy
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By athenacp
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By Maryschild
Hello Mary!

Thank you, I hope you are doing well.
Missed you...
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