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By comfortablesocks
Hi Everyone...

I would appreciate if you would pray for our son, Joseph. He just graduated from college and is trying to figure out what he would like to do...and is having some downtime hanging out with friends. Please pray for God to show him what to do, and for Joseph to answer that call. Thank you so much!!

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By beloved
I will keep him in my prayers, May St. Joseph show Joseph the way to his true vocation.
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By Angelica
Praying for Joseph!! I know your pain!! I have a 23 yr old trying to figure out his way as well. Will keep Joseph in prayer. Do keep us informed of his situation!!
PS St Anthony is great in helping people to find their "way" in life
By comfortablesocks
Thank you so much Angelica for your prayers!!! Watching and waiting for the twenty something year olds to find there way is exhausting. Ha!! I know God has a plan for our children.
Please be assured of my prayers for your son too!!!

P.S. Oh Yes! I'm so asking for St. Anthony's help and of course St. Joseph...Thanks again!

By comfortablesocks
Thank you all for your prayers. The ones who read the post. I know your praying too!! I so appreciate it:)

By Ritacheryl
Will keep Joseph and Angelica's son in my prayers.... (I have children in this situation too.)

Dearest Mother, please walk with our children in the path that your Son has planned for them.
By comfortablesocks
Thank you Ritacheryl, I appreciate you lifting Joseph's name up to God. I will do as well for your children:)

Gods Peace,

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By Angelica
Came across this again today!! Praying for Joseph & my Patrick & daughter Kelsey as well!!
God Bless!
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