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By athenacp
I have not been on line much due to massive complications in real life with a lot of stuff happening, which is why I have not posted, (I do pray for all here ) however, please pray for the following as the Holy Souls are dear to my heart and this is terrible:

"I know this is devastating news. And I am so sorry. Almost 17 years of the holy souls website - and countless hours babysitting it - and now it is gone. I am exhausted and out of options computer-wise."

The above is from Richard Hubbell who for so many years had the Purgatory Project site. The site crashed and absolutely everything is gone![

Please lift him in prayer. He will be back I am sure..God knows who the souls were..We just have to pray that Richard is able soon to have a brand new site for the Holy Souls..Together with the souls, let's pray for him.
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By maryannlucy
I will pray for your intentions and for the souls who recently lost their lives without warning.

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