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By prayer
Good morning everybody, after 10 years of study ,my time of study is coming to it's final goal.Next Saterday I become ordained as a priest ! ,The service take place in the United Kingdom in the presence of 3 bishops, one archbishop and the cardinal who perform the service.pray for me please that I become a good and holy priest. :D
By comfortablesocks
Oh Wow!! Yes, of course I will pray for you!!! I will be thinking of you and praying for you on your special day and beyond!! Father, to be, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
We need YOU!!!

A priests blessing is so powerful!! May I ask you for a blessing for me and my family. Brian ( husband) Christine ( me) kids... Victoria and Joseph. Thank you sooo much!!!

By Ritacheryl
#230618 are so blessed.

Dearest Mother, please enfold this priest in your loving care and keep him strong.

Will keep you in prayer.
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By beloved
Thank you Prayer for answering God's call! I will keep you in my prayers! God bless you!