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Please pray for my daughter Kelsey. Many of you have prayed for her over these years. She has Lyme disease with co-infections for which she had teeth pulled and has been unable to work at all since July. My husband & I are paying her bills. By God's grace & your prayers she is doing better. I will update my posts on this as soon as I have extra time. However, she has lost her job and needs a new one. Also, financially she is overwhelmed due to this illness & job loss. Also, praying for a special intention for her regarding a particular financial situation that has been settled in her favor however, has been prevented from occurring due to a miserable 3rd party. She is in need of the reimbursement of funds that are rightfully hers. God Bless! You are all in my prayers with your intentions close to my heart!!
So update: My daughter is progressing in her health, however, she needs to be at a point where she can hold a job. She has to be on a very strict diet & hopefully be able to take the meds consistently without serious side effects. Also, the financial settlement was finally made. Thank you so much for your help