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By Angelica
Please pray for Kelsey, suffering from late stage lyme disease with co-infections. Needing a miracle to stop a bad reaction from herbal meds & any co-infections floating around in her system. We received a miracle allowing her to go to a clinic for help, however, she is riddled with anxiety, heart racing,internal tremors, unable to eat & so forth. I am still a week away from going to the clinic and she's afraid to fly, afraid of needles etc. All fear comes from the evil one says Our Lady. Please help me with your prayers so that these symptoms & fears will!! And that we can get everything done that needs to get done. This is out of my comfort zone, and I too need peace. Please pray for me. Also, my son Christopher, has swollen tonsils and we need improvement on that condition as well. It never ends!!
God bless-will update.
By comfortablesocks
Be assured of my prayers Angelica, for Kelsey, Christopher and you too. I get great comfort praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for miracles! On Relevant Radio, Drew Mariani Show,
the Divine Mercy Chaplet is prayed everyday with people calling in with prayer requests. If you have time, join in... I listen on my iPhone if I can't get to a radio.
Let's together beg for God's mercy on your children...

Jesus have mercy....

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By beloved
prayers for Kelsey and Christopher and you Angelica!
By Ritacheryl

Our Lady of Good Health, please intercede.
Our Lady of Good Remedy, pray for Angelica and family.
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By Angelica
So an update! First thank you everyone who helped with prayers, sacrifices and so much more. Kelsey is doing better!! We essentially took her off all herbal meds at this point. Still suffers with Lyme w co-infections but also with bitterness, anger, revenge. She has been sick for so long, the medical doctors dismiss and make fun of her, call her crazy, she's making up all this-really?? We have an epidemic of Lyme in this part of the country so much so that now a task force is being set up to study it. It's all over tv yet the medical community dismisses people like my daughter as mentally ill or worse. And discrimination is rampant! To think the very people who are supposed to take care of human life, be empathetic and work to care for the sick and are doing the opposite. This is evil. Anyway, asking for prayers for her to find a job where she will be happy, be able to pay her bills & that the employer will be kind. Very hard today but whatever prayers you can send her way I would appreciate it. Also, that she would forgive as it's only hurting her & she needs to trust God is going to take care of this for her. She is lacking all self-confidence and is very sad as she has lost everything!! My hours at work are being reduced as of 5/5 and I'm going to have a difficult time paying her bills - so I would like help in that area as well. She has been out of work since 6/2017 but my husband & I have been helping her since 2/2016. This has been financially crushing our family.
God bless
PS Christopher is doing better - thanks to all of your prayers. I keep you all in my heart & will pray for your dearest petitions today.
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By beloved
Angelica, I will be keeping Kelsey and you and your family in my prayers! Thank you for your prayers!