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By Liza
Patience,my dear friends.christmas is coming up and this time it will be very special,i can promise!presents for the soul.so while i'm working and barti and wiki are having a good time,i wish everyone who reads that, a peaceful and enlightening christmas.next year will be hard on many of us and i wish that everyone gets some rest and gets his or her share of love...
By Wikileaks
Allright,my job is done here...now it depends on you liz,surprise us!i will celebrate christmas and forget our earthly problems for a while.good luck to everybody!
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By V madone
Problems are arising here but I keep on praying for the special day. Have a blessed Christmas Liz and Wiki. :D
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By V madone
Liza wrote:Hi guys,hi v madone :D ,a lot,lot of work...but the best christmas i ever had!
Wow, thanks god Liz. :D
By Bartes
I hope that you all had a good x-mas.especially you,liza and that you get some energy to finish off our project.
Where is everybody anyway?We had a storm here the last days and many houses were damaged,but thanks got nobody got injured seriously.the power is back and with it the internet,so guys what is your excuse for keeping everybody waiting?
By Liza
Do i have to remind some people here that i have a family?nice to hear from you barti.i thought you pass the holiday together with wiki...?project almost done!!!
By Bartes
I'm here,i'm here...Hi to you all.this was a very good new year.actually i celebrated christmas after new years eve.as you guys might know,the priests are very sparse here where i live,so it took some time to get one for the christmas mass,on the 13th, not too late.but the waiting was rewarded and my fellow christians and my humble self had a wonderful time.this is a place where there are so few catholics that you know everybody by their first names.so when it comes to celebrating christmas mass(the1st time in i dont know how many years)it's like family.the priest came from abroad,(don r.,thank you)and i just wish that there were more of us.anyway we are like the desert after the rain now and it seems like nothing can stop us!thank you all for your support,may god bless you...
By Wikileaks
Well bartes,old friend i envy you.i was in a christmas mass and there weren't many people either.not that there are any catholics here in "the green",i think 99% are roman catholics,but there must have been sth. more important going on in these days,because the church was half full or half empty on christmas day.and on the next day there are really only the folks you know by heart and by name from the church groups.how to win people back???

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