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I am taking a poll to find out how many Catholic Churches say the Prayer to St. Michael at the end of Mass.

My Church says it after daily Mass, but not after Sunday Mass. Please let me know if there are any Churches out there that say The St. Michael Prayer... Thank you.
I sometimes go to a weekday evening mass at a church called St. Michael's. I've noticed that, sometimes, and only with a certain priest, he'll start the prayer by saying "St. Michael..." after his final bow to the altar at the end of mass. The congregation says the rest.
Here in Sheffield, UK we say the St. Michael prayer, after the Rosary - Hail Holy Queen then the St. Michael prayer.

I am including St. Michael more in my prayers these days - also prayers to my guardian angel {I think I might even 'know' his name - just awaiting 'confirmation'], and all the other angels.

I recommend the daily recital of 'St. Michael's Chaplet': takes about 20mins.
His promises:
For those of us with 'troublesome' family members, don't forget the promises of St. Michael regarding devotion in his honour and regular recital/praying of the 'Chaplet of St. Michael':
"Whoever would practice this devotion in his honour would have, when approaching the Holy Table, an escort of nine angels chosen from each of the nine Choirs.
In addition, for daily recital [allowance granted for genuine reasons in missing on occasion] of these salutations, he promised his continual assistance and that of the holy angels during life, and after death deliverance from Purgatory for themselves AND all their relations."

Peace and Love.
Wow! this is a very powreful prayer.
I say it several times a day, whenever I think of how easily we are led astray, particularly our youth, and when I am afraid for someone, when we leave or enter our home, when we get into the car.
Hi, we have the St Michael's Prayer after the weekday Masses, but i do not know about Sunday Mass as i go to another church then, where we do not have the St Michael's prayer after the Sunday Mass , hope this helps. love mcikath x
Have never heard it said in any church i have visited in Ireland.

In my parish church however at times, if the mass is in the morning, the priest leads the people sometimes (more often in the weekday mass) in a morning prayer given to the people of the parish by a mission priest a few years back and if the mass was in the evening he leads the people in saying an evening prayer given by the same priest, where you ask God for forgiveness for sins committed during the day and also ask him for a good nights sleep. The morning prayer thanks good for a good nights sleep and rest (hopefully) etc. These prayers however are seldom said at the vigil mass on a Saturday evening and on a Sunday when we have mass once a month because of the lack of priests in out area.
The last time i heard it said ,in a chapel was in Medjugorje about 16 years ago .The priest saying Mass asked the congregation to say the St Michel prayer as it was his feast day.

During the recital of the prayer a man at the back of the church went crazy as he couldn't tolerate hearing it . when the prayer was finished he calmed down , then the priest said " lets recite the prayer again and once again the man at the back of the church went crazy . Then about 6/7 priests came down from the alter and pushed him outside. " i think they prayed with him "

It was a rather scary experience but an eye opener as to the power of the St Michel prayer.
We, too, say a Hail Mary during the Mass (right after the Prayer of the Faithful)... we say the St. Michael's prayer after every Mass, weekday and Sunday. I also add it to my daily Rosary, and say it yet again if and when I strongly feel the presence of evil... it is a powerful prayer, to a powerful Saint/Archangel...

The precious 20 minutes after communion should be reserved for intimate contemplative prayer !
St Peter Julian Eymard advises this.
I do not favor saying the st. Michael prayer aloud by the laity after the final blessing.
Pope Leo XIII ordered that this prayer should be said by the priest quietly at the end of Mass.
I have noticed that some faithful keep adding more and more vocal prayers, either after Mass, or add more words after each decade of the holy rosary. Contemplative, silent prayer, has great value, and some people don't seem to value or respect this practice. The Sacred species of the Eucharist, remain inside of us after the final blessing at Mass, I love to keep silence for about 10 more minutes - but most of the congregation start talking and socializing....


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