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O Jesus, my love, in memory of the Sacrifice of Thyself which Thou didst offer on the Cross and which Thou dost still offer in the Blessed Sacrament, I beg of Thee to accept that which I make of my whole being, immolated and sacrificed to Thy adorable designs and wishes. Receive me in the spirit of penance and sacrifice. O Heavenly Physician of my soul, Sovereign Remedy for my evils, I present myself to Thee as a sick person without hope in any other but in the charitable Heart of my Savior, who alone knows my maladies and can cure me of them.

I hope for this favor from Thy bounty, since in this amiable Sacrament Thou hast made Thyself my medicine, my healing balm. My cowardice and my coldness in Thy love have been the cause of all my infirmities; but Thou canst, if Thou wilt, cure me, for I am ready to suffer anything in order to be cured. Cut, burn, amputate; provided that I love Thee and be saved, I will submit to everything. On my part, I am ready to apply the iron and fire of entire mortification and crucifixion of myself to cure the wounds which pride and self-love have caused to my soul.

Apply Thyself then to my poor languishing heart as a balm of love. O my charitable Physician, have pity on my weakness and deliver me from it for the glory of Thy name. Amen.