Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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By flsongbird
Hi everyone! I've been trying to fast on Wednesdays. I'm pretty new at this. I haven't been very successful due to my coffee addiction. Normally I drink 3-4 cups a day which I know now is waaaaaay too much because I get awful headaches when I don't drink any! I can easily eat only bread, but having only water has been the tough spot. Any suggestions for me? Also, I know Our Lady wants us to fast on Wednesday and Friday, but are we able to substitute a different day than Friday? I know it's selfish, but it's my afternoon out with colleagues and I'd rather fast on a Saturday or Monday. Thanks for any and all suggestions!

Love and prayers,
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By TimHaley
Hi Jenn ... I find it's better to take small steps and feel good about what you can do than to try big leaps and get disappointed. I suggest for the next several attempts to have coffee but to gradually reduce the amount over time. You may need to change your intake overall for you to eventually succeed on fasting days. Remember to be grateful and thankful for what you can do. God is pleased with that!
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By aoise
I usually only drink one cup of coffee a day, about mid-morning. The rest of the day I drink tea so you wouldn't think coffee would be such a big issue. But believe me, not having that one cup on wednesdays and fridays is the hardest part of fasting for me. It seems that wherever I go on those days, someone is deliberately percolating coffee just so that I walk by as it wafts into the atmosphere. I don't think I even notice on other days :lol:

The bread part isn't too difficult just boring. Then I try and remind myself that for some people in the world (many), that one bit of bread is all that would sustain them that day. I have no right to be bored !

Does all this mean I find it easy. No absolutely not. Its always challenging and there are times when I fall far short of the ideal. However, I keep trying because Our Lady's words echo in my mind " you are not helping me" so I hope my poor attempts help her a little.