Make requests for prayers here, and pray for our brothers and sisters who have posted requests. "Pray, pray, pray!"

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I ♥ J M J

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To Thee be praise, to Thee be glory, to Thee be
thanksgiving through endless ages, O Blessed Trinity.

  • Dear friends,
    Please keep in your prayers our forum member, Angela
    she will be having Hip replacement surgery. She has been in
    the hospital and she called me yesterday asking for prayers.
    Angela is such a sweet lady who has been suffering with
    Rheumatoid arthritis for many years.

all who govern us, and that mankind will turn back to God
and join in prayer for unity among all nations living by
God' holy laws,which will lead us to heaven.
the Franciscan Missionaries and Friars of the Eternal Word
the Nuns of Our Lady of the Holy Angels Monastery
all the priests that bring Jesus to Us in the Holy Sacrifice
.of the Mass every day.
for Holy Mother Church to be filled wth the Holy Spirit's, Light,
Love and Truth and bring an end to all who are evil wanting to
destroy all that is good and holy, seeking the ruin of souls.
priestly and religious vocations that are of God.

May the prayers of the faithful bring about graces for the
salvation of many souls.
May we have peace in our families, our homes and lasting world peace.

All the victims of violence, for those suffering the loss of loved
ones and the children who will suffer from their loss.
Those who suffered from recent disasters, that they may receive
all the help that they need. Heavenly Father, please bless and
protect all who are aiding the victims.
Those who are ill and those who are near death this day.
We pray to You, heavenly Father, in Jesus name. Amen

♥ Sandy

Thank you for your prayers for Angela, She is still in the hospital, I am waiting
for her to call me, but she hasn't this past week. She lives in the United Kingdom
and that is why it is hard for me to get in touch with her.I will let you know when she calls.

Thank you for your prayers!
prayers for my husband please.

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