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By Angelica
Asking for prayers for a financial situation with a car repair. The car is my daughter's & she is unable to work, placing a huge financial stress on my husband & I. Praying that the car repair will be reasonable, affordable & that somehow God will send us the funds. Also for my son Patrick, due a settlement from a car accident(he suffered his 4th concussion as a result of it) that it will be processed soon & for opportunities for him to open up that he can apply for in his chosen line of work. Lastly, that all these excess financial bills would stop!!
Will update
God Bless
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By Angelica
Update: So somehow the car is ok...What a blessing!!!! Also, my son Patrick is still awaiting the insurance settlement but we seem to be a bit closer. Just awaiting his former employer to send in paperwork!! The car he was in the accident with has over 330,000 miles on it & is in need of work. It's now 11 yrs old. A portion of the settlement will be used to obtain a new car (he did sustain damage to the car as a result of the accident.) He is at long-term risk however for Parkinson's disease & Alzheimer's as a result of this &prior concussions. Hoping that will not happen. Lastly, he is in need of a summertime job. He is also applying for a job in his field but training would not begin until December. Praying things will fall into place for him. Thank you God & May He Bless all of you!!
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