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It is becoming clearer that filming of the June 2nd apparition took place as normal, although it is possible that MaryTVs cameraman (if they use one) was not present.
The principal film unit at Medjugorje is FotoDani. The company has always filmed Mirjana’s apparitions even when held inside her home. To date there is no footage of the most recent apparition on its FB site. The company has sufficient staff to cover the the Blue Cross event as it is the main production team behind the broadcasting of the Youth Festival to the rest of the world. Seemingly the restriction also applies to FotoDani as well or, at least, the company is prepared to co-operate with the request made by the ‘authorities’.

It’s not speculation to understand, accept and believe what Sr Emmanuel published in her newsletter, that restrictions are in place when it comes to broadcasting Mirjana’s apparitions. It may be that the restrictions can only be applied to media based in the parish of Medjugorje itself. If that is the situation then only the relevant media need be informed.

But there has to be a reason why this step has been taken by the authorities. I’m assuming it has to do with the recent announcement from the Vatican regarding the status of ‘official’ pilgrimages to Medjugorje which:
“must be accompanied by care to prevent these pilgrimages from being interpreted as an authentication of known events, which still require examination by the Church. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid creating confusion or ambiguity from the doctrinal point of view regarding such pilgrimages. This also concerns pastors of every order and level who intend to go to Medjugorje and celebrate or concelebrate there even in a solemn way".
bluecross wrote: Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:04 pm The principal film unit at Medjugorje is FotoDani. The company has always filmed Mirjana’s apparitions even when held inside her home.
Yes, I assume that MaryTV use their material. So it is presumably the parish that asked them to stop filming Mirjana's apparitions. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this decision was presumably taken on the basis of 'prudence'.

I'm happy that Sean believes it important to keep showing the apparitions. Even if he changes his mind in the future there will always be others who will film them so I doubt this new 'decision' will change things significantly. Personally, I believe it is extraordinarily valuable to be able to view these apparitions.
A few more thoughts on Mirjana's apparitions. As has been pointed out before, the parish seem to view Mirjana differently to the other visionaries in that they do not publish her messages on the parish website.

Is this because Mirjana's mission was (and is) to focus particularly on the unbelievers. Maybe the parish doesn't see that as its role! What I see as particularly important is that Mirjana continues to have her apparitions in public, despite the obvious physical suffering this involves for her these days. Whether Our Lady has specifically requested this from her or whether she has made her own discernment on this, I think we should take note of it and support her in that decision. This is how I hope Sean is viewing the situation as well as all those who help to continue bringing the monthly apparition into our homes via the internet.
The focus at the Blue Cross on the second day of the month is on Mirjana and not unbelievers, not even the apparition because it is for Mirjana’s eyes only. And yes, the focus is also on Mirjana’s suffering all provided via the film coverage on the internet, supposedly filming Our Lady’s apparition when in reality the coverage and cameras are focused on Mirjana.

But I suppose when no one but Mirjana can see the apparition of Our Lady, then who or what else can we turn our gaze and attention on? Are we really able to see the Mother of God with our heart when our eyes are fixed on Mirjana’s face for the whole of the time of the apparition? Is that what praying for unbelievers is all about. Not in my book.

I have attended apparition events to three of the visionaries, Marija, Mirjana and Ivan. At two of Mirjana’s apparitions I have taken photographs focusing on the seer’s face. I was never comfortable about this, believing that if Our Lady was truly appearing then why have I turned my back on her and got distracted with taking pictures? The root of this concern stems back to my coversion experience at the Blue Cross (the upper one). My testimony is at this link: ... je-witness
bluecross wrote: Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:37 am The focus at the Blue Cross on the second day of the month is on Mirjana and not unbelievers, not even the apparition because it is for Mirjana’s eyes only.
The focus is certainly on Mirjana but more importantly on her apparition That second bit is very important! If Mirjana just went to the Blue Cross to pray the rosary on the 2nd, you would not get anything like the number of people who do come on that day. And no one would want to view the video of it!

So why is that? What are people wanting to see? They cannot see Our Lady but what they do get to see is a lady who IS seeing Our Lady!

As far as I can see, BC, your problem with Mirjana is that you cannot believe her apparitions are of Our Lady. Fair enough but I would suggest that as a Medjugorje lover you should be very careful about doing or saying anything that might undermine someone's faith in the reality of the apparitions.

I have never had any mystical type experience whether in Medjugorje or elsewhere but it was Medjugorje that brought me back to my faith through persuading me to try to pray and that Our Lady would help me. She did and the rest is history. The thing that persuaded me to pay any attention to Medjugorje was seeing a news item of the children crashing to the ground at the start of their apparition back in 1981.

I have encountered so many false seers, message bearers etc since then but the authenticity of Mirjana's apparitions and her own authenticity as a humble and truthful person shines through for me without any element of doubt. I shall pray that Our Lady removes those negative whisperings from the devil that are causing you to doubt.
John, I don’t have a problem with Mirjana (I don’t know the lady), nor Medjugorje. I encourage people to go there.

We all have the opportunity to be present before the Real Presence of Christ, but do people rush to Mass or Adoration with the same enthusiasm or, may I say it, the same excitement as they do to be present at an apparition? I don’t think so. And as Catholics we are even blessed with the gift of being able to receive the living body and blood of Christ, but I sense the reality of that miracle doesn’t always register with people.

As for praying for me that the devil stop his negative whisperings and remove my doubt regarding Mirjana and her apparitions, better you pray for yourself that the Holy Spirit enlighten you in a way that stops you accusing me in this fashion.

As for seeing a lady who is seeing Our Lady, are we not taught that we should recognise the Christ in others? So what is preventing you from seeing the Christ in me or anyone else, including yourself, for that matter?
To come to know and to love yourself, you must come to know my Son; to come to know and to love others, you must see my Son in them. part message to Mirjana, July 2, 2010
Restricting film coverage at Mirjana’s apparitions will not restrict the numbers attending. There are numerous videos on YouTube where we can spend all day looking at Mirjana’s face during her apparitions. So the people around the world who want this are well served already.

As for undermining people’s faith in the reality of the apparitions (according to your understanding and belief), are you saying that the Church has ruled in favour of your personal belief in these private revelations? There is an opposite side to your argument which the Church adopts, and that is caution. Just suppose that your belief in the apparitions turns out to be false, then how do you explain to the people you have tried to convince about the authenticity of the phenomenon, that you may have encouraged them to misplace their faith in what you perceived as reality?

I’m sure you know already know that the Church does not bind us to believe that Mirjana or any other Medjugorje seer is still receiving apparitions. Miracles and conversions at Medjugorje or any other Marian shrine are not dependent on this belief. A miracle occurs in front of our very eyes everytime we attend Mass, but do we go around trying to convince others about this fact and encourage others to attend or come along to witness the miracle?
This is an extract from an article by the parish priest of Medjugorje, Fr Marinko Sakota OFM. The full version is published on the parish website at this link: ... 10180.html

I present this in the light of the recent restrictions regarding filming MIrjana’s monthly apparition at the Blue Cross and the Pope’s statement made to Fr Marinko: “BE OBEDIENT TO MONS. HOSER”. Perhaps here is a link or connection to the Pope’s instruction to the parish priest regarding obedience and the recent restriction on filming the apparition at the Blue Cross.

When the Holy Father finished, the representatives came to greet him and he was to continue his programme and leave this Hall, but something unexpected took place, he said that he wanted to personally greet each 600 of us! We were all so thrilled and happy about this!

Slowly, different people were coming close to him and were joyfully leaving the Hall after meeting with the Holy Father. As my turn was there, I thought about what to give to the Holy Father. I came from Medjugorje with the intention, that if the encounter takes place, I would give him rosary beads, prayer book and a report with the most important things regarding Medjugorje.

All of that was packed up in my bag, but I decided for the rosary beads made from our Herzegovinian thorns, I took it and moved closer to the Holy Father.

I could see that those in front of me were not talking to him, only shaking hands, I realised that I need to introduce myself in only few words. When I came close, I shook hands with him and I gave him rosary beads and said in Italian very quickly: “Parish priest from Medjugorje, Mons. Hoser sends his regards!”

Once the Holy Father heard this, he kept my hands in his, paused for a few moments and then said: “Be obedient to Mons. Hoser.” I smiled at him as he was saying this and I really do not know how excited I was in those moments, perhaps the Holy Father could feel my joy for this encounter, so he repeated these words once again: “Be obedient to Mons. Hoser.” Then he said: “Yes?”, as if he wanted to double check whether I understood seriously enough what he wanted to say to me. I said: “Yes, yes!”, and as he held the rosary he asked me: “Is this for me?”, I told him: “Yes, it is for you!”. He thanked me and someone standing next to him escorted me to step aside and give room to the others.

I left Sala Regia jumping of joy and I could not believe what happened to me. I walked along the St. Peter’s Square, but I could not see anything, as I reflected all the time on what had just happened before. I tried to reconstruct every moment I spent with the Holy Father, every one of his words and gestures, wondering what did he want to say to me in those few words.

My impression was that he wanted to send the message to me, to all Franciscans serving here, to all the parishioners and pilgrims, a message that was given in warm, fatherly, yet serious words from his heart. It was obvious those few words were not there out of courtesy, but I felt he really cared and wanted to send an important message to each one of us. This is what I realised as I reflected on this encounter, remembering the special attention he had as he said these words. My conclusion was that he repeated that sentence thinking that I did not hear him or understood him well and he really cared for me to remember that and to bring it to Medjugorje.

I could also feel the great trust he had in Mons. Hoser, as if he wanted to say – when you are obedient to Mons. Hoser, you are obedient to me, to the Church, or opposing to that – if you are not obedient to Mons. Hoser, you are not obedient to me nor to the Church. In these few words, I could feel how he cared for Medjugorje and it was his desire for each of us to seriously respond to the task entrusted to us. I felt encouragement in this words, yet a great responsibility we all had for Medjugorje.

Fr. Marinko Sakota, OFM, the parish priest of Medjugorje

bluecross wrote: Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:28 pm As for praying for me that the devil stop his negative whisperings and remove my doubt regarding Mirjana and her apparitions, better you pray for yourself that the Holy Spirit enlighten you in a way that stops you accusing me in this fashion.
First of all, I'm sorry you view what I said here as an accusation. I believe the devil is whispering in everyone's ears all the time and it is often difficult to recognise. But I apolgise for the possibly patronising tone of what I said.

As for the rest of your post which seems to be saying that we shouldn't need apparitions to believe and follow Jesus. No we shouldn't but man is a wretched creature, prone to sin and rebellion, but fortunately we have a God of Love and Mercy who sends His Mother to mankind from time to time to rescue us in difficult times. Those times are now and the fruits of Our Lady's visit are self evident.

With regard to your post about Fr Marinko's meeting with Pope Francis, I have already stated that I would be more relaxed about the news about the filming of Mirjana's apparitions if any directive has come from Archbishop Hoser. But so far, we don't seem to know that.
I like to watch Mirjana's expressions during the apparition videos. I hope that they are posted somewhere. I imagine what she may be conversing with the Blessed Mother. The videos may cause some skeptics to believe because the pain Mirjana experiences goes away as soon as the Blessed Mother appears to her and it returns as soon as the Blessed Mother leaves. I do not know why Mirjana gets so much criticism. If I were to make a critical comment about any of the visionaries, it would not be Mirjana. She has not been associated with any questionable group. She has maintained joy with the burden of knowing what the unbelievers will have to face.
bluecross wrote: Sun Jun 09, 2019 9:28 pm Or are you just making this up?

When the question was raised in this thread as to whether there were new restrictions (or not as claimed by ministryvalues), I decided to check with Ivanka who would surely know.

My post reflects her answer.
By Prodigals -  Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:27 pm
beloved wrote: ↑Fri Jun 07, 2019 4:49 pmSo where is this information coming from? I checked the parish website and couldn't find anything about this at all.
This low profile effort to is to take the spotlight off the visionaries and their apparitions. Up until now, the attention that has been given to this has allowed various media outlets to write negative and questionable things, such as the visionaries want to be celebrities and that’s why they allow filming of apparitions.

This is a subtle attempt to shift the focus away from the apparitions and Mary's messages.
Which part of your response to beloved’s question reflects Ivanka’s answer – the first two sentences, or all three
Thanks for the clarification.

So would I be correct in assuming that Ivanka is confirming the restriction by ‘authorities’ which you describe as a “low profile effort to take the spotlight off the visionaries and apparitions” because of undue media attention and what I described on my website as “the power of the media in promoting the cult of celebrity”?

I only ask this as (1) to be abe to confirm there is a restriction on filming and (2) that one of the reasons is the danger of propagating the cult of celebrity, not by the seers themselves, but by the media and some Medjugorje followers. This would also explain why there is no restriction placed on Mirjana’s messages, just the personal focus on her and the other visionaries.
bluecross wrote: Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:36 pm I see Sr Emmanuel has repeated the notice regarding the restriction in her last newsletter (June 2019)
Very mysterious! Especially as MaryTV are now showing what seems like Sean's video of Mirjana's June 2nd apparition!!

Why is Sister Emmanuel not providing the precise details of the request? Who has made the request and what is the wording of the request? Maybe a request has been made only to not show the apparition live? That would make some sense.
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