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By Prodigals
A new directive by Archbishop Henryk Hoser:
"By order of the pontifical delegate today, it will be possible to receive communion only in the mouth. And no longer in the hands."
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By bluecross
More of another reminder than a “new directive”.

In September 2015, Fr Leon Pereira OP, the new pastor co-ordinating english-speaking Masses at Medjugorje, informed pilgrims that the Mostar-Duvno bishop, Ratko Perić, had given orders for pilgrims to receive Holy Communion on the tongue only.

I’m not certain, but I think this ruling is applied throughout Bosnia & Herzgovna dioceses.

Perhaps the reminder coming from Archbishop Hoser will have more impact than the voice of bishop Ratko Peric, especially in light of the Pope’s recent words spoken direct to Fr Marinko Šakota, parish priest of Medjugorje: “Be obedient to Monsignor Hoser!”
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