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Hello all been a long time...

It has troubled me greatly that Mary has stop appearing during the 2nd of the month apparition to Mirjana... In a time like this it seems we need this message of hope and guidance even more... During the beginning of the Spanish Flu back in 1917 just before Fatima began, Mary came to comfort humanity during that intense time of conflict with world war I and the pandemic causing havoc on the world...

But now Mary has done the opposite... She has stopped appearing at least during the second of the month... Yes we still have the 25th message and the others from Ivan, Marija, and Vicka but losing the 2nd of the month is very sad....

Am I being too selfish, yes, ... after all she has been with us during the 2nd of the Month for 30 plus years... But why now? Is this the beginning of the chastisements... Have enough of us taken these messages to heart in order to prepare?... many questions going through my mind like many of you right now...

Praying for everyone's safety......
You may want to consider that Our Lady’s concern is for the whole of humanity, both body and soul. I posted this item on my blog on March 23.

So just why did Our Lady’s monthly apparitons to Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo come to a sudden end with the announcement on March 18 that she would no longer appear to the Medjugorje seer on the 2nd day of each month? There’s a simple and straight-forward reason, and it is to to with the the rapid spread of coronavirus around the world.

For years, Mirjana would meet with Our Lady every month at the lower Blue Cross situated at the base of Apparition Hill. The event attracted several hundreds of pilgrims who gathered to support and pray with Mirjana.

However, in an effort to restrict the spread of coronavirus, the government’s Federal Headquarters issued an order on March 18 “banning all public gatherings, suspending the operation of all catering facilities for the preparation and sale of food and beverages, restaurants, pizzerias, confectioneries, beauty salons, hookah bars, coffee bars, discos, tea shops, and cafes. It was also ordered to suspend all services of cultural and sports institutions, the operation of museums, theatres, activities in concert halls, art galleries, the operation of cinemas, swimming pools, baths, spas, fitness centres. Exempted from the order are restaurants engaged in the preparation and delivery of food, as well as soup kitchens, restaurants in hotels that will provide services only for hotel guests, subject to hygienic and epidemiological measures.”

The order took effect from 6:00pm on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the day Mirjana received her ‘annual’ apparition in the privacy of her own home, and announced that Our Lady would no longer appear to her on the 2nd of every month.

In these present circumstances and under the government ban in force from March 18, Mirjana’s monthly apparitions on Podbrdo would be considered ‘public gatherings’ and therefore illegal. And if she continued receiving the apparition in the privacy of her home then she would most likely run the risk of crowds of pilgrims gathering outside her house instead of at the Blue Cross, as witnessed on March 18.

Our Lady’s ‘decision’ to stop appearing to Mirjana in this way may have been her concern for the well-being of everyone, not just for Mirjana and the pilgrims who attend the prayer gathering.

Besides, we always have the Word of God to give us guidance and hope, and to do whatever Jesus tells us, an everlasting message given by his Blessed Mother. These words are the basis of the Medjugorje message. “Do whatever he tells you.” Pouring water into stone jars is filling stone hearts with prayer. When we do, then miracles happen.

Our Lady’s latest message to Jakov is good advice:

Dear children, today, on this day of grace, in a special way I am calling you to open your hearts and to implore Jesus to strengthen your faith. Children, through prayer with the heart, faith and works, you will come to know what it means to live a sincere Christian life. Often at times, children, darkness, pain and crosses overwhelm your life and your hearts. Do not waver in faith and ask why, because you think that you are alone and abandoned. Instead, open your hearts, pray and believe firmly and then your heart will feel God’s nearness and that God never abandons you – that He is beside you at every moment. Through prayer and faith, God will answer your every ‘why’ and transform your every pain, darkness and cross into light. Thank you.
Helpful words BC thank you..... I hope this finds you well.....

As with you BC, my first thought when I heard the 2nd of the month was cancelled - Our Lady was protecting Mirjana and all the pilgrims from this virus as she cares for all us with her great love...

And even if Mirjana continued to have this apparition at her home, as you stated, many pilgrims would still gather placing all at risk...

My thoughts going forward are not of despair or abandonment but rather hopeful curiosity... God is with us whether or not Mary is appearing to us... Confusing at times as to why these bad things happen... but they do and this is the challenge of our faith.... That said, it is still sad that the 2nd of the Month Messages are gone for now...

I wanted to bring this up here because I know I will always get some helpful thoughts even if it is not always what I want to hear.... :)
The covid 19 virus is a terrible thing and I'm not sure if it's from God or not anymore. It is however teaching us a very foundation lesson in Christianity.
A friend of our family and a local fish and chip shop owner pointed out to me that to get through this we have to look out for each other. If I do the right thing by you, you will survive. If you do the right thing by me I'll survive. So basically, do unto others as you would have done unto you.
So if we wash and sanitize our hands, cough into tissues or elbows etc. Keep our distance from one another and only leave home if absolutely necessary, then we are doing right thing by one another and together we can bring the numbers of new cases down and give the sick the best chance of survival with limited medical resources.
If we love our neighbors we can get through this.
Lord willing we will get through this but whether of not we are changed for the better is unclear.... Hardship can either harden hearts or open them up to God when we realize how vulnerable we are and in need of Him for everything... ..

My prayer certainly is for repentance of heart drawing us closer to Christ... But we are stubborn and want to go back to our old comfortable ways... But the severity of this Covid pretty much guarantees that the world will be changed and not go back to "normal" just as 911 did to our country here in the States... We lost a lot of freedom and innocence because of it... and I think the same will occur here with Covid world wide...

You hit the nail on the head when saying "Love one another" is the answer here... This is the only way forward...

Prayers for you and your country going forward...
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Seemingly, Mirjana and her husband have decided to continue their prayer visits at the Blue Cross on the 2nd of the month when the coronavirus pandemic is over, albeit without Our Lady appearing to Mirjana. Perhaps she will start receiving inner locutions again and even tranmitting messages this way. It’s happened before, so no reason why it can’t happen again.

Nobody can be sure when the pandemic will cease and crowds will be allowed to gather again at the Blue Cross, but I do hope it won’t turn into “The Mirjana Show” when she does return to the Blue Cross.

By the way, it wasn’t Mirjana who made this announcement. Apparently, it was the wife of the seer Jakov Colo, according to the French Medjugorje website, Chere Gospa.

If true, that would be a good thing to pray there..... but I do think a sudden revival of inner locutions after the pandemic clears would have to be seriously looked into by the Church just as her apparitions were studied thoroughly...This would be for Mirjana's benefit as well as the faithful's.... Our Lady will do whatever the Holy Spirit instructs her to do...So inner locutions at a later date are possible although pure speculation at this point......

Happy Holy week and Easter.....
Medjugorjeprayers wrote: Wed Apr 08, 2020 12:59 pm Confusing at times as to why these bad things happen... but they do and this is the challenge of our faith.... That said, it is still sad that the 2nd of the Month Messages are gone for now...

I wanted to bring this up here because I know I will always get some helpful thoughts even if it is not always what I want to hear.... :)
I found an old message given to Mirjana September 2, 2013 and the message ends with these words "For the sake of Jesus, for the sake of my Son, love those whom He has called and long for the blessing only from the hands which He has consecrated. Do not permit evil to come to reign. Anew I repeat – only along side your shepherds will my heart triumph. Do not permit evil to separate you from your shepherds. Thank you. ” I thought to myself when I read the second to last sentence of that message that it is just what we are going through right now. We are separated from our shepherds. We still have no news on when the churches will reopen where I live. It seems like this was subtly prophesied and warned against by Our Lady.
Hello Maryann .i was interested in your reply to the Medj Forum and it is a very good post. Like myself I do
Really miss our priests / shepherds to guide us with all the answers . I miss the Mass and the Sacraments
The most. I have to be taken to Mass in a wheelchair at the moment as I live in a nursing home
Permanently by a very kind person / Eucharistic Minister ) takes me there and back . I sometim s have family to take me there. It is a beautiful gesture for them to take me. I can come most of the time and I,
Have truly missed going to Mass. If I am not too well or weather permitting I receive Holy Communion via
The Minister and Confession via our Priest.
I love Our Lady very much .i just think Her Messages are so lovely and very easy to understand when we have read them . Hope you receive lots of wonderful Graces from Our Mother and ask Her to put an end to
This awful crisis of COVID but be optimistic . She is so lovely love from mcikath xxxPS I have just received
Wonderful news as I speak ! about the results of the COVID .we are Clear .So there is light at the end of the tunnel love and prayers. Xxxxxxx

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