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By bluecross
Seven years have passed since the completion of the Ruini report.

According to Pope Francis the report was substantial. He stated that it more or less said the investigation needs to continue about the period of the first apparitions when the seers were young.

He added that “concerning the alleged current apparitions, the report expresses doubts” and that he personally preferred Our Lady “to be a Mother, our Mother, and not a telegraph operator who sends out a message every day at a certain time… this is not the mother of Jesus. And the alleged apparitions have not great value.” Pope Francis said that this was his personal opinion.

Francis then went to distinguish the third part of the study, what he described as the real core of the Ruini report – “the spiritual fact, the pastoral fact: the people go there and are converted, the people who meet God, who change their lives… For this there is no magic wand, this spiritual-pastoral fact cannot be denied.”

The Pope completed his answer to the Medjugorje question put to him during the Papal flight returning to Rome from Fatima on May 13, 2017, by saying, “Now, in order to look at matters with all these findings, with the responses sent to me by the theologians, a Bishop has been named – a good one, good because he is experienced – in order to take a look at how the pastoral part is going. And at the end, something will be said.”

Seemingly, Archbishop Hoser has reported back on the pastoral front to Pope Francis as two years later, in May 2019, the Holy See gave authorisation for official pilgrimages to Medjugorje organised at diocesan level.

Less than a year later, in March 2020, Our Lady announced to the seer Mirjana that she would no longer be appearing to her on the second day of each month. There has never been a public or ‘official’ explanation given as to the reason for the sudden and unexpected cessation.

So which seers still receive daily apparitions? Marija – yes. Ivan –? Vicka –?

What needs to happen to convince the Holy See that the ongoing apparitions are genuine?

And will the Holy See ever officially approve any of the apparitions during the lifetime of the visionaries?

And the big question which rests on the shoulders of Mirjana… will she ever get around to announcing any of the ten so-called ‘secrets’ with the help of a priest of her choice?

She once joked she would be happy to share the secrets with Pope Francis. I don’t think he ever took up her offer.

With the recent news of the excommunicaton of the former priest Tomislav Vlasic, said to have ‘guided’ the seers in the early days of the apparitions, I wonder if his influence and contribution to the Medjugorje phenomenon forms part of the ongoing investigation into the claims made by the seers and by Vlasic himself on their behalf during the early 80s?

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