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I want to share with you.
I have been working on a
machine to resurrect people.
This machine also creates
images, like on the shroud
of Turin.
That last is an interesting
subject for a video I made.
Hope you enjoy.

Nice analysis.
Some things sound quite deep.
You did not talk about the
sevenfold candle holder.
1 candlestick is burning (you noticed)
that is the one that is.
1 candle-holder (king) is hidden. (you noticed king)
That is the one that is to come.
Five are fallen.
Where have you heard that before?
It is basically a menorah.
Note that it is not the typical
menorah, but it is a menorah.

There are also two small nails
and a big nail in the painting.

The dog is missing in the mirror?

Yes I notified, but no response
until now.
I am used to that.
At one point they may respond.
For now I found them full of
themselves. I don't want to be
full of myself, so I do not insist.
I am taking it already outside
the bosom of the Catholic church.
Maybe they will respond.
Thanks for responding.
I mentioned the chandelier in two places:

CHANDELIER... This is the six-branched lamp-stand or the ‘menorah’ bearing three cups shaped like almond blossoms (Exodus 25 : 31) and shown in the design by the three-almond-shaped frames supporting a trefoil-style cross on each of the six branches. The incensed oil for the lamp is housed in the well of the sconce, while the lit candle fulfills the command to “keep a flame burning from evening to morning perpetually” (Exodus 27 : 20-21).

THREE CANDLES… There are three candles on the chandelier, one lit and two extinguished. The candles represent the three children born to Philip and Isabella, Duke and Duchess of Burgundy: Antoine (December 30, 1430), Joseph (April 24, 1432 ) and Charles (November 10, 1433). The first two boys both died in 1932, hence the extinguished candles. The lit candle represents the new-born Charles.
As for the dog missing in the mirror reflection, perhaps it can be understood in light of the scripture reference as having been placed on one side, i.e. removed from the scene…

THE DOG AT THE HEM... The small dog refers to God’s command for Gideon to bring his men down to the waterside: “Take them down to the waterside and I will sift them there... All those who lap the water with their tongues as a dog laps, place on one side” (Judges 7 : 4-5). The waterside is the flowing white hem of the woman’s green gown