Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By Vicki
Ambassadors of the flame of Mercy - Shallowater, Texas
I have been twice and have learned so much about God's mercy and the very powerful need for forgiveness.
I have been following Medjugorje for many years and feel so strong towards it but Blessed Mother tells us to live it and not to "worry" so much as to what is to happen. I know her visits are real and for us to convert to prayer and peace.
So when I came across the retreat center in Shallowater I felt God's call for me to go there. --and WOW what a conversion and leap of faith. Nothing new maybe for some, but now that I see that we all have such unforgiveness in our past and pray to God I have forgiven each and every person that touched my life. I feel like I am really truely now a part of Christ and the faith is so much clearer and stronger. I had repented and been to confession but never closed the door for the forgiveness.
If you feel that God puts it in your heart to go please don't hesitate because it is a powerful place for mercy and forgiveness. --and maybe there is a retreat center near you like it that you can go.
Remember the messages of Medjugorje are about pray pray pray and to fast for peace and coversion so we can all see the glory of God.
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By Patty Cowan
Hi Vickie,
I have been thinking of going on a retreat lately. I haven't been on one for many years. Where is this place in Texas? What type of program did they have? I live in Arkansas but we travel to Texas once a year to visit my family down in the south.

Patty, AR, USA
By Vicki
Hi Patty
Shallowater is just north of --nearly part of Lubbock. I highly recommend it but as powerful as it is, it is a very simple "home" place. The speakers/ministers/healers are so truely blessed with graces from God and it is a true healing of the soul for any and everyone. Ask Jesus if this is what he wants you to do and then just follow your heart. You can't go wrong if you get a chance to do this -and believe me if you make one you will do all you can to make another. That is how healing and powerful they are. The Blessed Mother sometimes gives a message to Mary Constancio for the retreatants. --such an awesome place. Read their web page through and through and then just do it if possible.

I'm sure there are healing retreats all over Texas and the states but I found this and am so blessed to have been able to go twice.
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By Patty Cowan
Hi Vicki,
Thanks again for the good info!
Patty, AR, USA
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By buckley
i think ive actually seen some people wearing afm shirts...fairly confident actually
By Vicki
Hooray if you've seen some shirts --that means more people have been.
Buckley if you ever have a chance you should pray to see if it is God's will that you go. -- It's such an amazing experience --and now they have several events in the Houston area.
Maybe if you're brave enough when you see a shirt ask the person about their experience there.--just to see what their answer is....
By Howard Huntzinger
The Ambassadors of the Flame of Mercy Ministries, AFM Ministries is a spin-off of the coming of the Queen of Mercy in 1988. The ministry started in 1989 and is located in Shallowater, Texas. Mary Constancio still receives messages from Our Lady at least 7 times a year - public messages which are published on the web site

We she came to Lubbock, Texas in 1988 over 20,000 people came to the Feast of the Assumption for that event. This is the 20th anniversary of that event and again she has asked her children to come with these words: " I invite you with a most loving heart to visit me here on my next Feast of the Assumption and bring others with you." (Mary Constancio, Messenger, August 15, 2007).
To all of those who may be interested,

I am the visionary Theresa Fleischman (former Theresa Werner) who found your website and thought I could help in any information that you might need concerning St. John Neumann in Lubbock Texas.
I am the second visionary who received prophetic messages from God the Father. My messages can be read at this website;

Also is listed God's Love Letter to the world in my messages.
My personal drawing of the Memorial of the Aborted is a vision that was given to me from God the Father of His anger concerning abortions and why the world is experiencing the many plagues.

St. John Neumann Catholic Church is located at 5802 22nd St. Lubbock, TX 79407. August 15th Masses are at 12:00 noon and 7:00 PM (celebrated by the Bishop). You can also call them at 806-799-2649 to verify times of Mass for the feast of the Assumption.

You can reach Henry and Mary Constancio 806-832-4243 (west of Lubbock on Highway 84)
God Bless all of you,

Message, 25. June 2020 “Dear children! I am […]