Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By Nike

Thank you for your wonderful and honest story. I see so much of myself in your words and the same conclusion.....If we seek Him, He is there. He never fails in His promisis.

Although there are so many points in my life that cause me grief to think about now....I am where I am, and accept the circumstances that brought me here. There is still so much to do, but I can proceed safely, secure in His most precious love for me.....

May you be blessed Star...Thank you so much for this post...

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By judy
Thanks for sharing your story, Star. I know that it will inspire others, to follow Christ ! People take notice of a good testimony like yours. You still follow Him and love Him without blaming Him or questioning your illness.
That is a grace. You wear it well :D

Love Judy
By Cathy B
Dear Star, Thank you so much for your story :) I could say a thousand
things but what it comes down to is, God wanted you for Himself and
was in NO way going to let you go or fall through the cracks of life.

I truely admire your honesty Star, ''YOU ARE BLESSED'' and I consider
you a good friend and fellow cheerleader!!! And may God keep you
in the palm of His Hand.

God Bless you LittleStar,
By Steven
Thank you for posting your conversion story. I had much identification in what you wrote.
Saint Augustine wrote: "You made us for yourself, oh God, our souls are restless, until they rest in You.
Isn't that the truth!

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By Moll
Here here Steven!!!

Thanks Star for that posting. God really wants us all for his own, I truly believe. I think we have all things in our youth and i certainly do that we feel sad about and feel guilty about, I still do every day, All we can do is try harder, and from reading all your lovely inspirational posts I think you are there with him already, he certainly has you very close to him. God Bless you Star.

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By starbright
God bless all of you. Thank you for your kind posts. I thought that it was better to be as honest as I can. God bless you.
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By larkim
Nice story, Starbright

Might I ask you something please?

I have a hard time believing in the occult such as tarot cards and ouija boards. Are tarot cards true, or are they something which people make profit and money of?
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By starbright
Right, ok, tarot cards...

Well, yes, they tap into something and on one level they give you accurate answers.

But they always leave something unanswered, something unsaid, and you have to keep on doing them over and over - they lead you to become dependent on them to get the full answer - and they never give you the full answer

So yes, I would be able to do readings where the person wouldn't tell me the question and I would know accurately what it was about...but the answers were half answers. They led you further and further in and also they gave both good and bad in the answer so there was always this kind of menace hanging over you, the bad things that were predicted.

Remember it is the evil one who is orchestrating this and he always gives half the answer and never the full truth, and never any hope, although he seems to promise it.

Does that answer your question?

Yes, they do work on one level but on another they only tell half the story
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By larkim
Thanks Starbright

What makes me skeptical of the most are fortune tellers...
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By Pippy
Star, I enjoyed your honesty and your journey...

I am so glad you are now on the path of righteousness. :D

Thank you so much for sharing some hard things to share. It just makes me appreciate you even more!! :D

Love, Pippy
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By starbright
Awwww bless you
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By Pippy
Oh, it's true!

"Our Little Star"

Let's wish a far
Upon Our Star
Please make her safe
In every place
She's the best
Above the rest
Resting "weyhey" high
In the nightly sky
Let that light shine
On we and thine.
----------Pippy 8)
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By Merlorrich
Hi Starbright, I have just read your conversion story. Welcome back to God- if the Lord will allow me to say that on His behalf. It is an honest, inspiring and powerful story. I wish you well on your continued development in God, and I pray that God continues to guide you in the right direction for you. When I first started to take sneaking looks at Medjugorje websites at work, while reading the messages I did feel a great maternal presence, so in a sense I know what you are on about.

May God bless you and fill you with unimaginable joy.
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By starbright
Thank you so much

And thanks for the poem Pippidy-do-dah-pippidy-day
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By LittleRed
Hey Star, I just read your conversion story myself....I know it must of been very hard for you to share some parts of your story....But I am glad you decided to share it with us because as Judy mentioned, it will inspire others :D

And I know this time when you travel to Medjugorje(2008), it will be such a spiritual journey for you :D ....

Bless you Star...our dear sweet Star who we all have come to know and love, Sharon
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By starbright
You make me feel so so included and loved...thank you Sharon!
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By PotatoSack
Thanks so much for sharing your very personal story Starbright. It is very inspiring!!
By Laurie

What a beautiful witness. You struggled so much but God gave you so much strength to preserver. Praise God.

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By mcikath
:) Thanks Star, for your story, so glad that Jesus and Mary brought you back from the darkness, love to read your posts on our forum love mcikath xx
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By starbright
THank you for your kind words, everyone xx
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By tina
starbright.. what a wonderful testimony of gods grace and mercy touching you and drawing you back to Him! thank you for sharing... love tina
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By cjmg
Starbright - I just read your conversion story - powerful!

They say God waits in the hall and knocks on the door. I'd say he began to knock very hard! Especially when that scary man moved in! You must have felt the evil of that man.

I hope I am not going to far to say that maybe (and I don't presume to know God's thoughts, of course) but maybe this illness is a gift to you. Your suffering has changed you - but it is for the good. When did you turn to the Bible? When you were too ill to do anything else.

I am not saying I think you should ENJOY your illness, but maybe to think of it that way may make it easier to bear.

Thanks for sharing - I know it's not easy!
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By starbright
Thank you all of you. Yes, I have certainly learnt so much through illness. I think it was a blessing in disguise. And thanks for your kind words about it being difficult to share. God bless you all
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By Norman
What a beautiful story, Star. How odd, I quit smoking pot in 2001, and was heavily into the tarot as late as 2004. I think non-believers would be shocked if they knew how familar with sin so many of us are. Many seem to think we come from privileged and sheltered backgrounds- far from it! I'm glad you've found peace, Star. :)
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