Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By Philomena
Hello to all of you, I have been lurking for a year or two now, and finally will speak up because I feel Jesus wants me to share this with you all.
I was very pregnant in 1993 with my firstborn child and obsessed with finding a Nativity set for my home for about a year. I couldn't find one in the stores anywhere at the time. Finally, I did find exactly what I had been looking for and set it up with roses and holly around it. At the time, it was the only religious item in my house. As a child, I learned of Fatima and remember doing the first Saturdays on my own because I loved our mama so much. But after moving away from home, even to another country (just like the prodigal son) I lost my faith and fell into mortal sin.
Anyway, on the night of December 12th, at 11:30pm, I lay on my couch, alone, in hard labor. My husband was asleep upstairs and there was no one else there. I began to become fearful. I starting thinking about the Blessed Mother and what it must have been like for her alone in Bethlehem. And I said In my thoughts, "well, at least she knew everything would be alright because she had God with her." Right at the moment I thought of that, I felt a presence in the room, over by the Nativity set. Then a moment later, I saw a shadow where I felt the presence. (it was as if veils were being dropped one by one so I could see)Then a moment after that I did see someone standing there, but could not recognize him. Then I did recognize Him. It was Jesus standing right there looking in at my Nativity set. He was so magnificent, much taller and broader in the shoulders than any picture had painted Him. His whole countenance was majesty, peace and pure pure love. There was a light that came from within Him, and I understood at that moment, "this is the source of all light, of all love." Here is the most beautiful human being I have ever seen. Here is the Master, the Truth. And I knew at the moment that everything that the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches is the absolute truth. He then turned to look at me, His garments sparkled like pure gold and His eyes were on fire. He smiled and said (not with His lips, but I still heard Him) "Everything's going to be alright" And then He shot these two pure white beams of light at me from His eyes and disappeared from my sight.
So, there I was, the sinner, waking up my husband, the sinner, and telling him its time to go to the hospital. I also told Him I just saw Jesus. Yeah, Ok right. At 6:02 am the following morning I gave birth to my son. As soon as I heard his cry, Jesus immediately appeared again. This time he stood right next to me, but I could only see him as sort of a negative like the shroud of Turin looks (I know many of you have seen this as well before, so you know what I am talking about) I dared not look away from Him to see my newborn son because I was afraid that if I did, He would disappear. Finally I forced myself to look away from Him and I looked at my son. Then I looked back at Jesus and HE WAS STILL THERE.
He smiled and then faded away. Ironically, there was a roomful of student nurses watching me give birth and a few were looking at me intently because they knew I was seeing something but I told them nothing.
Anyway, two days later I learned of Medjugorje for the first time and heard my very first message. It was as if Jesus said to me, "Now that I have your attention, Listen to My Mother."
A few months after this happened I was back to work, and I was of course beginning my conversion, and I was in a Basilica and came across this awesome picture of Jesus and I gasped, "Whoever painted this also saw Him because this is exactly what He looks like." I bought the picture and asked all of my Holy friends if they knew anything of the origin of this picture. Finally, yes someone knew the origin of that picture.
"Its Sister Faustina's picture of the Divine Mercy" Its the one when his
garments appear to be slightly gold. I experienced Divine Mercy first hand.
Since then, my husband has become Catholic and we are raising a very large family. I have had alot of mystical experiences since then. Maybe I will tell you about my experiences while in a coma a few years back,
because alot of those things concern the secrets, but not in this forum.
I will tell you one thing now though. Pray the angelus three times daily, because I was in a Catholic hospital during my coma and they played it on the loudspeaker and I could hear demons and they absolutely went NUTS when that prayer would come over the loudspeaker. They would say the most unspeakable things, but they HATED it so much..
Anyway, I am glad to be here with all of you - I feel like I am not alone when I come to this site. I love all of your conversion stories. God Bless.
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By Pippy
Philomena, thank you so much for sharing your blessed are you by Our Lord! I am also very, very happy that you have taken the leap to join our family here! Thank you so much for that as well! :D

I will try to start saying the "Angelus"(I can't promise the 6am time, as I am a later riser when I don't have to work. :( )

Bless you and your's! Pippy :D
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By paddy
Thank you Philomena, for sharing your remarkable story with us. You certainly caught my attention about the Angelus!
God bless
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By Philomena
I have not seen the painting by Millet, can you tell me where it can be found on the internet? I forgot to tell you one thing; my birthday is April 19th. This is the day of the beatification of St. Faustina and it occurred on Divine Mercy Sunday. Seems the Lord had this all planned from the beginning.
By franaissance
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. It is very encouraging. I do hope that you will share your other experiences. It is all too easy for me to forget how great God is these days.

By the way, what is the Angelus. I think it is prayed during Mass but I don't know which prayer it is.

By Philomena
Thank you Paddy, John Boy, Pippy and Fanaissance for your warm welcomes, although I feel as if I already know you as I have been spying for quite some time now. 8) The angelus can be found at home page, if you scroll down a bit you will see that you can click on it and print it out. Traditionally it is said at 6am, 12noon and 6pm.
God bless
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By kmssmiley
Thank you for sharing your story. What an awesome gift.
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By mcikath
:D Welcome Philomena to the Forum, may you gain many blessings by visiting this site, you are very blest to have seen Jesus--love and peace mcikath xxx
By Philomena
thank you all for your kind welcomes - this forum is such a gift and therefore we must all pray hard for the protection of this forum and all involved; satan would love to crush it. As for disclosing more experiences, yes when I am prompted and when it is necessary I most certianly will. But I must tell you that I carry a heavy cross now and I am terrified of my judgement day because I know that the Lord has given me every possible grace and yet I am still not a Saint. I still stumble on fast days, and don't pray 15 decades like we have been told, and I still battle imperfections daily and for this reason I am terrified. I always feel as if the Lord is displeased with me because he has given me so much and I have given him so little in return. This is why I chose to speak regularly in the forum, because I have been given so much and need to share it. Please keep me in your prayers and be assured all of you are in mine. I can feel the goodness of your souls.
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By starbright
Philomena, please don't be terrified.

Look, God only wants you to try your best, not to expect perfection. You can only do a bit at a time. It takes time to work up to things. It takes time to fast properly, do 15 decades. These are not dictates to get frightened about, they are advice in love. Please, go easy on yourself. God asks that we love and accept His love. That we trust. That we try to live His way. Not that we think that unless we are saints we are damned. That is terrible and is no way to live your life. God does not damn those who are not saints! People who reject God totally send themselves to hell. If you are a Catholic and if you try to live according to God's teachings and if you follow Medjugorje then you are doing enough and you are not damned. Please, be gentle with yourself. You are made in the image of God.

Frances (Starbright)
By franaissance
Philomena, always remember that the great Saints were not born saints. They became saints through the grace of God and the practice of virtue. I don't by any means think they had an easy time of it and must have stumbled many, many times. And they also felt indadequate before God...who wouldn't....

I recall a story Mother Angelica she would ask God for patience. And wouldn't you know it, God would send her someone for whom she could practice that virtue....(She recounts it much better.) Such that she wanted that virtue and God didn't give her patience but the opportunity to grow in patience...
By Philomena
Thank you both, your responses brought immediate peace to my heart. Still I have this vision of my judgement day, "I have given you everything I could possibly give you and yet you are still mediocre." Remember that olive tree he cursed? I am worried that my fruit is mediocre. You are both right; patience is the key to conversion; both with ourselves and others.
By darrell

Wecome to the forum. Thank you for sharing your story. I must tell you that I was amazed when you said the Divine Mercy image is exactly what Jesus looked like. I have another friend who died and saw Jesus, and the exact same thing happened to her!

Here is a link for a picture of the Angelus: ... ngelus.jpg

God Bless,
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By aoise
Dear Philomena

I have just read your story. It is 7am on 25th June, the 26th anniversary of the apparitions at Medjugorje. What a wonderful story to read on this special day. As the other readers have said, don't be too hard on yourself. The secret to holiness as I see it, is to persevere. If you fail, as we all do, then pick yourself up and carry on. Don't look back. Just hand it to Jesus, leave it to His Mercy and go forward again. I always say to myself, only God is perfect. I think even the saints failed, probably repeatedly but they persevered to the end. Thank you again for such a wonderful witness. I am off to Mass now and will pray for you and everyone on this forum. Let us celebrate God's greatness in sending His Holy Mother to us for so long now. What incredible love.
Laudate Jesu Christi
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By Spera
Philomena, Thank you for sharing your beautiful and personal experiences with us here. I feel like I've just been given a gift. :D

Spera :D
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By Maryschild
Dear Philomena,

Thank you with all my heart!
I am still feeling so much joy and happiness for you.
What a beautiful and touching experience you shared with all of us.

I still stumble on fast days, and don't pray 15 decades like we have been told, and I still battle imperfections daily and for this reason I am terrified. I always feel as if the Lord is displeased with me because he has given me so much and I have given him so little in return. This is why I chose to speak regularly in the forum, because I have been given so much and need to share it. Please keep me in your prayers and be assured all of you are in mine. I can feel the goodness of your souls.

Philomena, we all stumble, we all battle imperfections, you are not alone, We are sinners,
but we have the sacraments to lift us up when we fall.

Perfection is in heaven. In the mean time, we try to love God and live by His Commandments.
Every day will bring new opportunities to
reach out in prayer, love and thankfulness to God. Offering up our day, whatever it my bring,
for the love of God, will keep us close to Him.
All our days are different, AND all our days are different prayers to God.
No set rule on what we pray. We all try to live Our Lady's messages for our station in life.
Whatever we do, do for the love of God.
Washing dishes, changing diapers, cooking, having a job outside the home,
When I get down, I will say, all for you Jesus. Some days are more prayerful that others.

When fear enters into our thoughts, it is from the evil one trying to put doubt and fear
into our mind and heart, because he knows of our love for
God, and he wants to destroy our love for God.

All my love,

(Maryschild) looking forward to your sharing....
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By mcikath
:) Hi again, Philomena, i am sure you are doing your best in the Eyes of Jesus, and He is well pleased with your efforts.Do you know the hymn "Sweet Heart of Jesus " one of the lines in the hymn reads "O when we fall, Sweet Heart O love us still " which is exactly what Jesus does, and it is true the evil one loves us to be terrified, so dont take any notice of him and his wicked angels, if you fall ask the Beautiful Heart of Jesus to lift you up. Have you read the life of St Therese -the Little Flower--her Little Way is lovely. Just imagine a father whose child has just fallen--what does he do only lift up his child, so it is with God, he loves us so much more than we could ever know--please do not be scared --i will pray for you love mcikath xxx
By Philomena
thank you all for you wonderful posts. :D
I forgot one other small detail to share: this occurred in QUEENstown
MARYland. Not even one block away from where the nation's PEACE talks are held. Coincidence? Or is nothing by mistake? God bless this wonderful forum.
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By Hopper
Dear Philomena,

That was a special grace you have been given. I just read through your story now. I miss many writings as one can not always read everything that is put on the forum and I find them later. So sorry I have not responded sooner and to anyone else's beautiful stories I have missed and not responded to.

As I read down through this thread - to tell you what I found to be a healthy sign is - now your lack of trust in yourself. If it had been totally of your imagination - your imagination would have continued on imagining yourself to be what you are not.

Have you ever read the book "Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence" and Letters of Fr. De Caussade on the practice of self-abandonment?

Excellent book. I think you can order it off the EWTN web site. Perhaps there will be writings in there that will help you through the various stages of spiritual development.

God Bless, Hopper :D
By baabaas
Beautiful conversion story Philomena, once when I was young I use to wonder why some are chosen and others really have to work for that goal, now that I know the answer it dosen't seem to be one that pleases me.

Sainthood on the other hand is only for a few there is only a very qualified select few that seem to be ones that will be selected for that position; many of the "Holy" will just live day to day trying to do all they can do to please and favor our Lord and trying to help all they can I have been called on to do an extremely difficult task which I am going to post in a short time!

Having you on this forum pleases me to no end Phil as many of us who are nystical get lonely from time to time to share some of our experiences.

Dave :D
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By tina

thank you for sharing your story. It is simply beautiful. Your story bright tears to my eyes.

As you shared with me, many of us are seeing Him at this time in history and there really are no words for that experience as seeing Him is like nothing, nothing ever in my life can i ever express His kind of love in that moment. but you did a bang up job in your sharing.. it was like being there with you. thank you.

This much i do know.. each and everyday i remember that day when i witnessed jesus of the Divine mercy take the soul of the little boy who trusted him., sept 1 1996, when Jesus appeared at that hospital room door then took that litttle boy who trusted in Him....*HOME!*

I will never forget the look on that child's face when he reopened his eyes and beheld the glory of the Lord. More than anything in the world, i want the whole world to KNOW this look and to expereince His love and to spend eternity with Him.

Like you i see the Medjugorje messages and the Divine Mercy message so linked together... and i sincerely believe without a doubt each and everyone of us on this forum are called to be here...sons and daughters of God called and blessed to pray and fast for the world!

thank you for your courage in sharing your story, your story is such a inspiration and testimony as it gives hope to a world so badly in need to know Him.. that every soul....*each* and *every individual* on the planet .. is so greatly loved by Him..

blessings to you this day.

from my heart... to yours,

love tina
By Philomena
Tina, thank you so much for posting here! This very night, fourteen years ago, at 11:30 pm eastern is the night of my encounter with Divine Mercy...Divine Perfection...Divine Light...Divine Majesty...Divine Love. I wish the whole world could experience that glimpse of heaven that you and I have experienced: that much Love, no mere soul could hold it all. I have a feeling that the whole world is about to experience it soon though, and so it is important that we offer up every suffering, every pain for our own purification and for the souls of our loved ones who need the grace. Tina thank you again for sharing...I am wondering though, were you sick at the time or were you working in the hospital? Can you tell us more about your experience? Thank you! God Bless, Love, Phillie
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By tina
Dear Philomena,

As requested.. here is my story of when i was blessed seeing Jesus of the Divine Mercy. When i first came to this forum i wrote a short version of this story.. but this is the story in full, as written a year after i saw Our Lord, Sept 1, 1996.

It is hard to believe that it has been 11 years ago.. it seems like only yesterday. I hope you and others are uplifted in the sharing of this incredible story, of the little boy who trusted Jesus.. and how Jesus came to him.

warm regard,

love tina

story of Jesus of the DivineMercy and the child ( unedited.)

* note: i have changes to names of the people and Cities in this sharing as i want to respect the privacy of this family over the internet. All the rest of the contents of this story are 100% true.

In June of 1996 i had received a prayer request for a child by the name of Brandon. At that time, as now, I received many prayer requests from people I did not know. I did not know Brandon or his family. I didn't know what I was praying for when recieving his name or that Brandon was a child or even where Brandon lived. . Shortly after praying for Brandon, i noticed a tightness in my lower back. Also a slight pain in my groin area on the right side...

It was the following day, upon rising, that I hurt so terribly in my body that I thought I was going to die. The only time I experienced relief was when I prayed for others. I was in such pain I could hardly move. I could not lie down comfortably , or eat. I also had difficulty standing and walking. It felt like someone was sticking me with a knife in my groin.

After two weeks of this, i was alone in my home and i cried out to God in despair and anguish to please help me! I told God i was afraid as the pain was almost unbearable , when the phone rang. I was seriously tempted not to get up and answer it.. but i did. It turned out to be the uncle of Brandon. He said his little nephew Brandon had taken a turn for the worse a couple weeks ago and he asked if had i been praying for him. he told me this child was in alot of pain, and began to describe his symptoms to me As i listened, Something clicked inside me, they were identical to Brandon's.

The uncle requested I contact the childs family in Medford, Oregon , but I heard interiorly, "not yet." I had learned from the uncle that the family had not yet exhausted all their resources in an attempt to find medical treatment for their son. I told him to have them call me if they wanted to.

A week later the mother called, and was rather brusque and defensive with me. She told me she had spoken with her brother and asked precisely when I supposedly began to experince symptoms like her son. I gave her the time and the date. She was initally stunned as this correlated with when her son had gone out of remission so she asked me to come see her son. I asked her if her and husband were at all spiritually inclined and She told me that as a kid she had gone to church, but she wasn't really into that spiritual stuff now. I asked her if she was willing to pray an hour a day for her sons healing. I asked her to call on the name of Jesus, that she did not have to understand it all , just to the best of her abilty to trust Him. She said yes she would do that. I told her I would leave Saturday night.

This was on a Tuesday, i was not able to go until that weekend.. During the week, I had a vivid dream and in the dream I was told to go to a specific Catholic church in Medford, Oregon, where the child lived, before seeing the child. The name of that church was St. Stanislaus. There were 3 other Catholic Churches in that area and sure enough, there was a church by that name.

My friend Kathy drove me over because my groin and right leg hurt too badly for me to drive, it was all i could do to sit in a car.. We left at 7pm Saturday night. I was very tired and had alot of pain. I prayed the rosary the full eight hours on the way over. My prayers felt like the deadest, dryest prayers i have ever prayed, so i focused on every word . I asked the Blessed Mother to forgive me for such a dryness. I remember looking up at the moon on the long drive over to Medford wondering what exactly i was to do when i got to this child.

We arrived in Medford Oregon at 4 AM. I got up the next day to go to the Catholic Church i was instructed to go to in my dream. I was exhausted from lack of sleep and pain. It had been years since i had been in a Catholic Church and i found myself moved by the gospel. I wanted to recieve communion very badly but was a bit hesitant to do so as it had been so long since i had been to mass. My thoughts were , "Who am I to receive You this day??!!" i struggled interiorly but then was moved by the Holy Spirit to go up and recieve our Lord in the Holy Eucharist.

After Mass, I was deluged with emotion. I do not know if it was because i was tired, hurting, felt out of my element in a church i had not attended for years, I was deeply moved by this statue of Jesus. It was a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I was the only one in this church after mass and i went up to this statue and looked at it and began feeling the holes in His hands and feet and side.... the veins in His hands looked so real . I was overcome with such piercing love for Jesus, I clung to that statue and wept. Next to this statue were some oils. I was so deeply moved i took these oils and smeared the statues feet and hands and face with oil as i wept. If anyone had come in and found me they probably would have thought me nuts, but i did not care.. My heart was so full to this day i have no words to adequately express this state of being, much less understand it.. It was one of the most real , raw feelings i have ever had.

I stayed there for two hours, weeping , wiping oil all over this statue , kissing it, clinging to it and talking to Jesus about everything inside me , finding it difficult to leave. Typically, i am not one for showing emotion in this way. I am a rather shy reserved person who normally is uncomfortable with any strong outward display of emotions.

When we drove up to Brandon 's house i was a bit nervous. I did not know what to expect. As i approached the front door it was opened by a young child with a manipulative grin on his face. We looked at one another for an awkward moment and he let me in to meet his parents.

Now in all fairness this child was not easy for me to like. He was very demanding, bratty and I could see no loveliness about him. He would come up and get into my face then hit me and run away screaming, " Get away from me!" I had brought him some pictures and books of Jesus and he did seem quite interested in them as we all visited and got to know one.

After the first introductions were over we sat down and were sitting there quietly watching Brandon play. I was still in terrible pain. We were all sitting listening to some christian music i had brought. I was watching Brandon playing on the floor about 20 feet away from me with his back turned from me when something happened suddenly that I could only recollect moments after it occurred.

It was like someone in heaven flipped a switch on and i saw and experienced in a way that was way , way beyond human seeing and understanding in ordinary consciousness. Immediately, At the same time i was having this experince, Brandon jumped up from where he was playing, and ran to me, jumping up onto my lap.

We beheld one another. He physically looked the same, but I didn't see or experience him in anyway remotely the same way i had just moments earlier. I saw in a way that is indescribable, with eyes that were not my own. This little child appeared, in some fashion I cannot explain. Words seem cheap in attempting to describe.. the best i can come up with , and these words fall way short is...He was perfect, radiant, beautiful, perfection! There really are no words on earth that can describe this moment.

I was not in a trance, i was perfectly present and aware of all that was going on around me, but nothing was as beautiful as this child! There was no sentimentality involved. I know, for about 40 seconds, I was allowed to see how we are seen through the eyes of God. I also felt swallowed up in the tangible Presence of God.

I remember turning my head to look at Brandons parents sitting on the couch off to the right side of me, thinking, " This place is like a garbage dump compared to what is going on here!" I remember thinking I did not want to remain on the physical plane any longer the experience was so intense. This experince was so intense, if it had lasted any longer i think i would have dropped my body..

My gaze returned to Brandon laying in my arms and i was moved to touch him. Touching him involved extreme heat, i also was extreme heat.. He fell into a deep sleep in seconds. I layed him down on a nearby couch and fell on my face before God. I began to recite the joyful mysteries of the rosary. Apparently i prayed for about 5 hours... It seems like a few minutes. The parents of Brandon were also moved to pray without knowing why and what had just occurred between their son and i. Brandons father began to weep while we were all praying... he did not know why he was crying uncontrollably.

During this time of prayer, i heard vividly and clearly, "I will heal the child on the third day, and draw the family to me." I was instructed to stay the next two days. I was also instructed to tell Brandons dad to stay home the next day to be with his family.

He did not understand this, nor did i, but i was not hesitant to tell him what i had heard and what i was suppose to tell him as i understood that this direction came under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, there was no ' me ' in it. I also told them the second message i had recieved and that was to have them ask people to come to their home the following evening and pray in graditude for the healing of Brandon. They asked me if i knew anything else they were to do the next day and i told them i did not know at this time as it was not told to me. At that time i left for the day.

Upon waking the next day i heard interiorly to leave the family alone for the day and that i was to go back to the church and pray.. I called and told them this and they seemed rather perplexed as why i was going off to pray when i had come to see them. I told them i was to go to the church and that i didn't know any more than they did the ' whys' and that i would be back at their home by 7 PM to pray with the others who were coming that evening to pray for Brandon.

Later that evening, on the way back to Brandons house, after praying at the church, we were driving through some suburbs when i heard interiorly to stop and get three long stemmed roses, red ones with thorns on them from the florist shop up the road. I heard i was to have them wrapped in purple tissue paper and i was to put them on the make shift altar that Brandons family had made for the prayer group that evening.

I told kathy what i had heard while she was driving and she said, "there is no florist shop out way out here!" While i was still pondering what i heard in light of her assertion that there was no florist shop in that area, within a mile there was a florist shop. I got the flowers and asked that they be prepared the way i was instructed by the Holy Spirit.

When we arrived at Brandons house that evening, I was met by Brandons mom at the door to greet us.. She was totally stunned as she shared with us that her husband had been touched by God during the day.

She kept saying " I cannot believe this! This is NOT how my husband acts!" We walked into Brandons bedroom and her husband was kneeling on the floor praying. His head was bowed down to the floor and he was weeping with joy and praising God! Brandon was in his bed watching all of this... later i learned that he went out and bought bibles for all the kids.

That evening the house was crammed full of people from every denomination imaginable . I was instructed to speak briefly about Gods love for all and then to pray and lead others in the sorrowful mystery's of the rosary. A bit of a miracle here... even though there were people from every denomination possible.. all prayed the rosary with me!

I was about to begin praying when Brandon came up and snatched my rosary from out of my hands and began swinging it around screaming and being bratty. His mother was chasing him around the house trying to retreive it when i noticed there was another rosary lying on the make shift altar was a very large pink one.

I picked it up and asked if i could use it and told Brandons mom to ' just to let Brandon have my rosary for the time being." I was informed then that the one i had just picked up came from Medjugorje, that someone had brought it that evening.

When i began to pray, Brandon was running around the house occasionally coming up to me and trying to push me over while i knelt on the floor praying. Then , during the prayer i was praying what is traditionally said in one part of the rosary:

" Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins save us from the fires of hell "....

before i could finish the rest of it , Brandon ran up and stopped to my right and touched my arm and was looking at me with great ernestness. I looked at him directly and finished speaking the rest of the prayer :

" and lead all souls to heaven especially those who have most need of your mercy."

We once again beheld one another in silence for about 30 seconds, then he ran off and i returned to praying. I met many people that night, one woman i met was Brandons grandmother, a devoted baptist woman who loved Jesus very much whose favorite psalm was psalm 91.

On the third day upon waking , i was instructed to go be with the family and pray the glorious mysteries of the rosary with them. Brandon's mom and dad, Bandon and his brother and sister and I spent the day simply hanging out with one another . Brandon, as usual was being a brat, pushing his brother around and screaming his favorite expression everytime he was reprimanded, that expression being, " Get away from me !"

In the afternoon while we were all visiting, Brandon came over to me and showed me a little holy card of a barefoot Jesus, with light streaming out of His chest. The bottom of the card read, "Jesus I trust in You."

I remember thinking i had not seen that particular image of Jesus so i asked Brandons mom about it. I was also curious as to why Brandon would have a picture of Jesus in his possession as she had told me they really were not into anything 'spiritual' before i had met them.

She said, "Oh, a friend of the family had been over to a place called Medjugorje, and placed Brandon's name there for healing. She brought that Holy card back for Brandon and he has taken a real liking to it... he carts it around with him all the time."

That evening the family had a few friends over to pray. We prayed the glorious mysteries and Brandon's mom began to weep, crying out for the healing of her son and asking God to touch her.

Brandon was brought out but curiously i did not feel led to touch him as i would have thought.. i mean this was the ' third day ' and i believed what i had heard interiorly, that this child would be healed on the third day.

Instead of praying for Brandon, i was directed to pray for those present in that room. I did just that and all present were touched by the fire of God.. We all pondered what this heat could mean and why Brandon , as far as we knew, had not been healed right then and there. What i ' thought ' was maybe that God was simply going to move in a way we did not understand and heal the child over a period of time.. All agreed and with that possiblity. The people in that room were deeply touched by God that evening and we stayed for a long while and all continued to pray and worship God....the next day i left for home.

As i crossed the Mountains on the way back home i was listening to some old Keith Green music, ( christian singer who is now with the Lord.) and i was filled with great joy and i was praising God when i became aware that i was no longer in ANY pain! i was absolutely pain free!

The next month i worked hard in my business and was getting ready to take a vacation at the end of the month when i heard interiorly, " You need to go back to the child." My first response was, " What do you mean go back??! I have done what you asked me to do! why do i need to go back? "

I got up and called the family only to learn that Brandon had been quite ill the past couple of days and he was so ill that they might have to him flown to Seattle to Childrens Hospital. They asked me to come back.

Admittedly i was not happy about this. I said I would give it some thought as my car was not working and i would need to find someone to bring me over in their car. God dealt with me those few days so I called on Thursday night and told them I would come back. A woman i knew as an aquaintance offered to take me over in her car. Her name was Janice. We decided to leave at 4am as to beat rush hour traffic in Seattle as i was living at the time 180 miles east of Seattle Washington..

I woke up precisely at 3AM Friday morning, and found myself sitting on the edge of my bed, my arms outstretched to my sides, and out of my mouth came these words as I awoke: "In thy midst I will also be."

The sound of my voice woke me up. I repeatedly the words i heard the second time, so i could recall 'precisely' the words that awoke me as i spoke them . It's funny how things can be veiled in the moment. I did not see, at that time before leaving for Medford, the significance of those words. As much as i pondered the meaning of those words upon waking early that Friday morning . I thought it was peculiar that i would be sitting up on edge of my bed with my arms spread in reverence, reciting scripture. This has never happened before or since. I have nor have i ever had any sleeping disorders.

We arrived in Medford OR at 3 pm that afternoon.. We arrived at the house, and Brandon was lying on the couch, ornery, bloated, and miserable. Brandon, who was all hooked up to various tubes, kept demanding food, and when it was placed in front of him, he wouldn't eat it. He just stared at it while his mother ran around the kitchen acquiescing to his demands.

In retrospect, i think some part of him knew he was dying but i didn't know that , yet. After supper the other two children came up to me and asked if they could know Jesus too . I was touched by their innocence and desire to know God. I had not even gotten the Lords prayer out of my mouth when both off them were touched by God.

Later that night Brandon was running a fever and his mother called the hosptial and they told her to bring him into the hospital that night.. When they went out the door to go to the hosptial my eyes connected with Brandons and I knew he wasn't coming back. I asked Brandons dad if this was typical, and he said that cancer kids always run fevers and go to the hospital unexpectedly.. but in my heart i knew this was different.

The next morning I got up and Brandon's father was on the phone with Brandons mother discussing his condition. Brandon was having problems breathing. We left for the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital we could hear Brandon screaming " Get away from me!" from down the hall. When we entered his room threre there were at least 20 family members in that room, touching and prodding Brandon ' to get well.' I saw a frightened overwelmed little boy so i asked Brandons mother to please ask all those people to leave the room for the time being so brandon could rest. I asked her permission to reman in the room and sit with brandon and pray. she said ' ok'.

I sat by Brandons bed and simply began to pray quietly. Brandon was silently watching me for about 20 minutes then he said, " Tina, I will cooperate with you." He did. He asked to have his little holy card he liked so much taped to the railing of his bed. throughout the day everyone prayed.

At 7 pm Brandon was fully conscious and screaming at ugly things that we could not see. He referred to them as big "bugs". He was very afraid. By Gods grace, I did have the sense to rebuke them in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and they left. The family was still in denial, I knew I was there to support the child.

At 3 am, Sunday morning, all the family members were present, about 40 people.. There was much weeping and wailing going on in that room. All of a sudden, a lot of heat and current entered the room. I was praying the rosary at the time and looked up to see Brandons grandmother looking around too. She appeared to be aware of what i was sensing and questioning what was going on like i was.. she was on the other side of the bed from me. I looked next to me and saw the woman i had come with , Janice, bow her head. She told me later at that time she too felt the great heat and tingling current at that same time.

None of us really knew what it meant though. Even the thought of Jesus being in that room would have seemed out of the question to me.. i mean that kind of thing only happens to ' holy people' I was pretty numb by then, but I kept praying, thinking I had given the family false hope by telling them what i had heard about their son being healed on the third day. In my heart of hearts i KNEW i had heard correctly..... People in that room were angry with God and hurting as they watched Brandon suffer. They were crying....For about 30 seconds, I too questioned God's love for His people.

Brandon was fully alert at 5 AM . The nurses came in to give him morphine when i jumped up and demanded they please leave the room. I said to them , " You must go now... he will be leaving soon, he does not need that!" .. They left.

In retrospect that is not something i would have typically done. I was not a member of that family and it was not my place to speak to the nurses concerning his medical needs. After i sat back down, Brandons grandmother spoke to her grandson for the last time . She said , " Brandon, Jesus loves you!" She blew him a kiss. Brando looked at her and blew her a kiss back... ...

About 15 seconds later, I was the last one to speak to Brandon. Our
eyes connected and words just came out of my mouth....

I said, "Brandon, Jesus is here. Honey, we all want you to go. It's OK. Close your eyes, Jesus is here. We will all be with you soon." ( i want to be clear here.. i had no conscious knowing or awareness that Jesus was in that room at the time... none. I spoke the words and did not give much thought to them as i spoke them. I didnt feel like i was lying or patronizing Brandon when i said it.. i simply didnt give it any thought. i simply said it and didnt have time to think about what i said.

Immediately his eyes began to roll up into his head as if we were very sleepy, and then he shut them. My focus was with Brandon.. Oddly , i did not expect him to expire then. I had no clue that he was nearing his earthly time... there was absolutely no evidence that would suggest that his earthly death was imminent.

As i spoke those last words to brandon, my friend Janice, and Brandon's grandmother, turned their attention to the hospital room door behind us.

Later, in retrospect, they said they did not know why they felt moved to turn their attention to the back of the room where the door was, they just did... My eyes remained on Brandon, who was about 6 feet away from me. .

Then, Brandon reopened his eyes. For a moment i thought he was starring at me but then it became obvious he was staring past me.

Initially his look was one of a deep somberness, then a look of dawning recognition lit up his face, then, pure...pure, exuberance. As i was looking at Brandon I saw a red light forming on the right side of his face and a lightish pale ray on his left side of his face and a golden yellow light around his head.. ..

I had time to think "He sees someone... and where is that light coming from? " These streams of light began to grow stronger on Brandons face. This all happened very quickly. Then I saw brandon as I saw him when he'd sat on my lap the first day i had met him when i saw him as ... *perfection*. Now, his joy... indescribable.

There are no words to describe the ecstasy on his face accurately.. To this day i have searched for the right words and have found none that come close , other than to say it was like all his little life he had waited for the one moment in behold the glory and love of Jesus Christ has for him.

Brandons grandmother and Janice witnessed Jesus appear at the doorway entrance of that hospital room. They both said Jesus appeared to blow together very rapidly from particles of light at the hosptial room door. Brandons grandmother and Janice witnessed this, i did not.

Both women described their experince of what they saw without any input from the other. Both women described what they saw and both women described the *exact* same event identically, without any descrepancy in their stories.

I did see Jesus move past me, about two feet away from my right side.

Streams of light directed toward Brandon shone from His chest. Jesus was fully cloaked, His gown covered His body completely .The humility and meekness and a sense of quiet that Jesus bore in within His Presence, was beyond anything i have ever seen portrayed on the earth... even in the most religious film. There was a sense of Authority when He took the soul of Brandon that was powerful and majestic, not the least bit showy.

Jesus took Brandons soul from the diaphragm with His right hand. When He took it the soul looked like a bright white light, like a light bulb flash went off.. The taking was swift.. the movement of His hand was much like a snatching movement when he took the soul. Jesus vanished quicker than we could blink. All three of us witnessed this. A few people in that room said they saw white light hit the child.. most saw nothing. Brandons body fell back on the bed, his face and body in complete repose of peace. He looked angelic.

Brandon trusted Jesus.... and Jesus came. This occurred on Sunday morning, September 1, 1996, right before dawn. The 22nd Sunday in ordinary time. The Ultimate healing.. Jesus took Him home! As Jesus promised.. the entire family came to God.

Even though I knew immediately in my heart without a speck of doubt, who i saw that early morning in that hosptial room taking the soul of that little boy, it was not until February 7th 1997 that I learned for certain that the figure I saw in that hospital room was Jesus, Jesus of the Divine Mercy.

For months i had been sharing about the red ray and the whitish ray i had seen on the face of Brandon when Jesus came for him, but i didnt understand the meaning of those rays i saw..I had never heard of the Divine Mercy image or St. Faustina.

I had gone down to Seattle with my friend Janice on February 7th 1997. We stopped in at a Carmelite Monastery to pray.. I was browsing around in the book section where I saw the same picture that Brandon was so fond of on a flyer announcing an upcoming conference on " Jesus of the Divine Mercy".

Janice and i left the monastary and went down to a Catholic book store in Seattle to look for more information on Jesus of the Divine Mercy. It was there we were first introduced to the story of St Faustina and Jesus of the Divine mercy..

We learned it was in the 1930's that Jesus appeared to a little Polish nun named Helena Faustina, and spoke to her many times. He asked her to create a painting of Him. The painting is of Jesus in a dark indigo setting, at a door, with two rays streaming from His Heart. One was red, depicting the life of souls, the other white, depicting the power of God that makes souls righteous. These were the rays that I had seen in that hospital room. Sister Faustina is now Saint Faustina and her diary, which contains all the things which she heard from Jesus is available if you should like to read it. It is titled "Divine Mercy in my Soul." There are also many web sites on line that speak about the Divine Mercy.


thank you for listening to my story . Not a day goes by where i do not remember.

I had a visitation from Jesus of the Divine Mercy once more and that was on May 9th and 13th of 1998, two years later. perhaps one day i can share it all with you... i have never seen Him again in this way.

I do know ,as i noted above in my first post that Jesus of the Divine mercy and Medjugorje are very much connected. i am very thankful to be a part of this forum , to have been called here by our Blessed Mother to be with all of you.. my brothers and sisters.

warm regard, love tina

------------------- JESUS OF THE DIVINE MERCY--------------------------

Our Blessed Lord appeared to Sister Faustina and revealed His Divine Mercy for the world. Below are some excerpts of conversations with the Lord from Blessed Faustina's diary.

"Paint an image according to the pattern you see with the signature: Jesus, I trust in you. I desire that this image be venerated, first in your chapel, and [then] throughout the world."

"I promise that the soul that will venerate this image will not perish. I also promise victory over [its] enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I Myself will defend it as My own glory."

"The two rays denote Blood and Water. The pale ray stands for the Water which makes souls righteous. The red ray stands for the Blood which is the life of souls. These two rays issued forth from the depths of My tender mercy when My agonized Heart was opened by a lance on the Cross. agonized Heart was opened by a lance on the Cross."

"I want this image to be solemnly blessed on the first Sunday after Easter; that Sunday is to be the Feast of Mercy. On that day, the depths of My Divine Mercy will be open to all."

"Whoever will go to confession and Holy Communion on that day will receive complete forgiveness of sin and punishment. Mankind will not enjoy peace until it returns to My Mercy."

" I am offering people a vessel with which they are to keep coming for graces to the fountain of mercy. That vessel is this image with the signature: "Jesus, I trust in You".

"Oh, what great graces I will grant to souls who say this Chaplet ;the very depths of My tender mercy are stirred for the sake of those who say the chaplet. Write down these words, My daughter. Speak to the world about My mercy; let all mankind recognize My unfathomable Mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice. While there is still time, let them have recourse to the fount of My mercy; let them profit from the Blood and Water which gushed forth for them."

"Say unceasingly this Chaplet that I have taught you. Anyone who says it will receive great Mercy at the hour of death. Priests will recommend it to sinners as the last hope. Even the most hardened sinner, if he recites this Chaplet even once, will receive grace from My Infinite Mercy. I want the whole world to know My Infinite Mercy. I want to give unimaginable graces to those who trust in My Mercy."

"When they say this Chaplet in the presence of the dying, I will stand between My Father and the dying person not as the just judge but as the Merciful

"On each day of the novena you will bring to My heart a different group of souls and you will immerse them in this ocean of My mercy ... On each day you will beg My Father, on the strength of My passion, for the graces for these souls."

"On the cross, the fountain of My mercy was opened wide by the lance for all souls---none have I excluded!"

"The greater the sinner, the greater the right he has to My mercy."

"Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet."

"Souls perish in spite of My bitter Passion. I am giving them the last hope of salvation; that is, the Feast of My Mercy."

"The flames of mercy are burning Me. I desire to pour them out upon human souls. Oh, what pain they cause Me when they do not want to accept them!"

"Oh, how painful it is to Me that souls so seldom unite themselves to Me......I wait for souls, and they are indifferent towards Me. I love them tenderly and sincerely, and they distrust Me."

Chaplet of the Divine requested by Jesus.....

Divine Mercy hour At three o'clock...

" At three o'clock , implore My Mercy, especially for sinners; and , if only for a brief moment , immerse yourself in My Passion, particularly in my abandonment at the moment of agony. This is the hour of great Mercy for the whole world. I will allow you to enter into my mortal sorrow. In this hour, I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of me in virtue of My Passion."

" I I remind you my daughter that as often as you hear the clock strike the third hour, immerse yourself completely in My Mercy, adoring and glorifying it; invoke its omnipotence for the whole world, and particularly for poor sinners; for at that moment Mercy was opened wide for every soul."

DIVINE MERCY HOUR PRAYERS - Chaplet if possible.

You expired, Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls, and the ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world. O Fount of Life, unfathomable Divine Mercy, envelop the whole world and empty yourself out upon us.

O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us. I trust in You!

Divine mercy chaplet web site... here is how to pray the chaplet of the Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy image web site...." Jesus I Trust in You!

By Steven
Philomena and Tina, thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences.

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By Maryschild

Philomena, thanking you again for your sharing.

Tina, I just finished reading your story, thank you for sharing
with all of us. It is late, but I will pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet
before I go to sleep.

Wonderful graces and blessings Jesus is bestowing on mankind!
What beautiful miracles I have read from our forum family!

Thank you everyone for sharing all your love here, on
our Medjugorje on-line forum.

All my love to ALL of you,


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