Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By Mia
Hi all, I haven't been the one who goes to church every day, but I remember Jesus and Mom in my best and worst moments, thanking them as I know all good comes from them and asking for their help and guidance very often. I just wanted to share 2 experiences I had a long time ago but never forgot.
Once I was going to school and had to take the subway, and the station was very crowded so I was pushed and my leg got between the train itself and the platform. It was early morning, I was sitting on the floor and everyone else was standing, so I thought the train would leave and yank my leg with it. I was desperate and could think of nothing, not even praying. Suddenly I felt someone putting his/her arms under mine and pulling me back, but when I looked back after a few moments to thank the merciful soul who had helped me, there was no one there. I assume the person would have stayed close to me to make sure I was ok, but there was simply no one. Until today I found no explanation for that.
The second time was when I was going to the movies and suddenly felt an urge not to go. I was surprised as I love going to the movies, but that urge was so strong I decided not to. I saw or heard nothing, just had the incredibly strong feeling. When I got home, I turned on the tv and saw there had been a shooting at the very place I would be, some people had died, many were wounded. Don't ask me why, but I know I was saved due to their mercy.
We are not alone. Somehow we have Jesus and Mom around us. Please believe.
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By Hopper
Wow Mia, wonderful story. Must have been your guardian angel that pulled you away like that. Love those kind of stories.

Welcome to the forum!

Hopper :D
By marylover
Welcome to the Forum Mia

nice story---

By grammy
Amazing testimony Mia I love these story's of angelic interventions when angels take on human form to come to our aid for Gods purpose. Are you still on the forum?

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