Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By Tiree
Firstly I can't describe how happy I am at discovering this fantastic forum. I will give you an introduction of myself firslty.

I'm a 33 year old male and I'm happily married with 2 fantastic children. I would have described myself as a watered down Catholic up until recently. I went to mass maybe once a month and at Easter and Christmas. I was raised a Catholic and was even an altar server for 5 years. As I grew older my faith didn't really mean anything to me, my religion was football!!!!

Going to mass was a real chore and something I always tried to avoid.
In August of this year myself and my family set out a 2 week holiday to Croatia. We toured around the dubrovnic coast and our last port of call was the town of Cavtat.

During an evening stroll around the local shops in Cavtat (25th August)I went into a shop selling souveniers of Medjugorje. Now I had heard of this place from various family members throughout the year but never thought anything of it.I began chatting with the women who was working in the shop and she told me Medjugorje was only an hours drive away and I should visit it. I spoke with this women for a few minutes and something inside me decided I would make an effort to go. I spoke to my wife who agreed it would be nice to see as it's so close.
I made enquiries into getting there and discovered it was not possible to get there by bus.So we decided to rent a car and drive there.

The following morning about eight o'clock we set off on this hours drive!!!
Having nearly turned back on a number of occassions, 3 hours later we arrived in Medjugorje!!!!

My first immpression was "Is this it?" not knowing what to expect. We parked next to St James's and walked around the town buying up souveniers for family and friends. We visited the information centre to get our bearings and find out where the Virgin Mary appeared to the visionaries and we were given a map. Now bear in mind it's 40 degress and we have 2 small children who would rather be at the beach than here,so off we head accross the fields to Apparition Hill. On setting off up the hill all my family become silent which is very unusual. We walked to the site and remained there in prayer for some time something I have never done!! I can't describe how I felt at this time.
We spent the rest of the just walking around enjoying the calm relaxed atmosphere of the place. We remained there until 6 o'clock, when we decided to leave.
As my wife was telling me we had to head for home as she didn't want us driving the roads in the dark,I had a strong urge to stay and felt at peace here in Medjugorje but our flight home was in the morning . Anyway we left and as I was leaving I began reciting "Hail Mary's" in my head all the way back to Cavtat. We returned home that evening to Cavtat and I can only describe the feeling as "Magical". I told my wife how I was feeling and she told me it will wear off the next day.
That evening I sat up and read the book I purchased in Medjugorje and felt at peace reading the messages.
The next day I awoke and felt fantastic ,continually going on about the story of Medjugorje. I felt it was consuming me, I wanted to tell everyone who would listed to me to go there.
We left Croatia that day and returned to Scotland.
I thought when I returned home I would forget all about this trip to Medjugorje. How wrong could I have been there is not a single day that passes when I don't think of this day on the 26th August 2008.
I have returned to church not only on a Sunday but every chance I get. I have told everyone who will listen about this truly special place.
Although nothing dramatic happened on that day whilst in Medjugorje what has followed is so special.
I now know I was lost but now I'm found and nothing can comare to Gods love.
I really beleive this is a very special place here on earth and cannot wait to return there with my renewed faith.

"If this is of human origin,it will destroy itself and disappear. If it is from GOD, nobody will be able to destroy it" Fr Tomislav Pervan
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By OHLisa
That's wonderful Tree how you have been inspired to go to Mass every chance you can get! Thanks for sharing your experience!
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By missy
Welcome!!! That is fantastic!!! I've never been there myself...maybe someday!!! It sounds like your gaurdian angel was your travel agent or at least sitting on his/her shoulder!! Cheers!! :D
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By starbright
Thanks be to God!
By Medjugorje18.3.05
one more HEART has been open by Our Lady :D
I so happy for you and your family.
Praise be Jesus and Mary

May God shower you with his Grace.

By Gael

Welcome to the forum! It sounds like Our Lady has a special plan for you...She brought you to Medjugorje and you experienced the Medjugorje effect even though you were only there for a few hours. I am sure She will bring you back to that special place once again....and I know She will be delighted that you have changed your prayer life for the better.

God Bless! :)
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By puddyhuston
What a wonderful story Tiree, Our Lady called you from that shop at Cavtat.
Medjugorje certainly changes people, it did me too after my first visit and now has taken over my life thank God.
Hope you get to go on Pilgrimage there soon
Welcome to our beautiful forum
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By Hopper
Although nothing dramatic happened on that day whilst in Medjugorje what has followed is so special.
Oh Tiree, something most dramatic did happen! God tapped on your heart and you openned the door and a most gentle loving Mother guided you there and the Holy Spirit breathed new life in you.


Tears in my eyes reading your account.

Hopper :D
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By Shalom
Welcome to the forum, Tiree, and welcome home too. :D
I too, said "is this it?" when I arrived in Medjugorjie for the first time. However, we are unaware of the wonderful graces and blessings that await us as we are there. We certainly return home changed people don't we?
Enjoy the frienship on this beautiful forum :D

God bless.
By Steven
Thank you for your powerful testimony, Tiree. My tear ducts unloaded as I was reading it, too. Welcome to this Blessed Forum.

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By Tiree
Thank you for all your replies, I'm holding back tears of joy reading your very supportive words.
I truly look forward to contributing to this fantastic forum.
God bless everyone of you, thanks again.
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By Hopper

So glad you responded back. I was wondering where you were.
Hey we all get to be family here and care for each other.

Hopper :D
By Biggles
What a wonderful story . . . and you've just given me an idea! I dearly want my husband to convert (he feels that religion is a load of nonsense) but have always believed that if I could get him to Medjugorje then he may well start to think otherwise (even if a tiny little spark is ignited somewhere in his heart). Also, he's recently been diagnosed with MS and having read Rita Klaus' and Lola Falano's stories,Ifirmly I firmly believe that if he had faith then he, too, could possibly be cured. By engineering next year's holiday to Cavtat then there's always a chance we could take a day trip . . . Yes, I know it's a little devious of me, but sometimes a little nudge is needed in the right direction, don't you think?
By garydss
I know that all of what our Blessed Virgin says is real and true. I also know that for anyone that does not believe, the Blessed Virgin become something to scoff at and seems to bring out the worst in people but I guess thats also something that has been happening all through time to anyone that walks with Jesus and the Father by people with outher desires.
I also have been a catholic all of my life but for some reason I fell away for about 8 years. The Virgin Mary has said that we have free will and she also says quite often that satin is working very hard now in these times and I know that this is also so true. One week ago I feel that she has called me or made herself very strong suddenly in my life and found myself seeking her out wherever I could untill I located all of her messages and am still reading them and finding that my life is changing rapidly as I am living her messages as I read them and life will never be the same ever again, thank God. We never know what may lie around the next turn in life but I know whats going to happen if we dont turn and listen to what Mary is telling us. I guess like little children we get used to getting chances over and over again untill they run out and something else happens just like we were told but this time it's not going to be a little slap. This is it people, we are either going to have enough faith to do as we have been asked for so long now or not. God bless all of you and I will be praying for us all.
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By LittleRed
Welcome Gary :D ....

I am glad you found us....and welcome back to your newfound faith!!

Bless, Sharon
By sadie t
this is the second conversion story i have read today i am tryinging to read one or two daily.

This story i could actually see your conversion taking place on the inside it was simply amazing, are you still around young man with your family?every story is unique and often we hear of outward signs that change pilgrims, but i know that medjugorje begins on the inside like in your living room or wherever you might be when you feel the urge and your mums calling you. sadie
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By Mia
Even though I have not yet been to Medjugorje, the most dramatic thing that happens there, for me, is when people realize and acknowledge the incredible power of Mary. Her love and care for all humanity.

If one believes without seeing, it is a true privilege. But there is a lot beyond seeing, many people feel Her presence and know She is there - or anywhere - and this is a true gift She gives us.

As much as the apparitions might strengthen one's faith, the "dramatic episode" - for me - happens when She powerfully yet gently reaches people's hearts. :wink:
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By Tiree
Hello everyone,

I was so happy to see that my conversion story was still on the site and more so still being read.
The Blessed Mother truly has transformed my life, I'm now training to be a Religious Studies teacher as a result of this extrordinary afternoon in Medjugorje. I have been fortunate enough to return to Medjugorje for a longer duration and will continue to pray that I may return one day soon.

It's incredible to come on this forum and read the conversion stories in what is such a demanding and testing time for the Church. We are fortunate enough in Scotland this year to have the Holy Father arrive here next month which I'm sure will be a very special occassion.

God Bless u all xx
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By julia60
Tree, what a wonderful testimony, and the follow up decision you have decided on. Wow

Oh and what a visit it was when Holy Father came to Scotland and England. There will be a long long memory of that wonderful visit.

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