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By leo daly
Well I finally got a reply from his parish. Doesn't tell us much but it is better than nothing

Dear Mr. Daly!

Thank you for your concern for fr. Jozo's health. Fr. Jozo is getting better. He is having some physical therapies for his back at the moment.

God bless you!

By leo daly
I just got an email from Miki Musa who is a guide which tells us some more

Fr Jozo went to Austria and will stay there until the next June.
What will happen after that none can say for sure. That is the latest info I have about fr. Jozo

I hope that you are doing okay over ther downunder

God bless you

Miki Musa
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By bluecross
Fr Jozo has has a back problem for a long time now, maybe a couple of years, at least.

I hope he is getting plenty of fresh mountain air in Austria.

Back in June... just in time for the anniversary celebrations! :)
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Good info Leo - thanks!!! :D

Do you remember when he left Medjugorje? Wouldn't June put it about a year since he left? Maybe that will be his time to return - say on the anniversary of the apparitions when they give Medjugorje shrine status. :mrgreen: Okay - pure speculation. :lol:

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