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By Sheila55
"A cardinal who comes to a place like Medjugorje certainly cannot go unnoticed. I came first of all as a pilgrim, to be in the place where many people find faith and courage within faith."

Q: obviously everyone is expecting sooner or later a formal recognition of what has been happening here

A: "It is not the seers duty to convince; it is their duty to communicate. Regardless of the future final judgment on these phenomena, one thing is evident: the messages are simply evangelical, they have common sense: prayer, peace, reconciliation with God and amongst us, and we always, always have to remember that there is no greater miracle than Eucharist itself; the coming of Jesus amongst us, in the poorest village, in the most beautiful cathedral, in St. Peter's dome in Rome.."
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By Sheila55
haha well I only translated the cardinal's light, blue cross ;-) If you need any more translations let me know
(that's all he said, the interview was cut, you couldn't hear the first question, only the answer, and it was cut at the end too while he was talking)
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