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By theprophet
I was spoken to by Mary that this is her group she loves, so I joined to get to know Medjugorje. I was raised Catholic, studied to be a redemptorist Priest in High School, then left in 1974. I smoked pot for three years and rebelled against God, I was doubting God's existance. In Seminary someone else put pot in the censer for Marian Devotions on a Saturday night, and the priests did not know. It only goes to show that all need conversion, and to not lift men on pedestals, whether Priests or Seminary students. In 1980 I was finishing up the course God did to judge my life and deliver me from evil I quit smoking pot for health reasons, afraid God would kill me. Sinners can be like a raccoon staring at the oncoming lights of a car in the middle of the road, beloved this is the best time to repent. Seriously I loved God and God was patient with me and lead me with gentle love....
I became a worship leader and full time intercessor in a 24/7 ministry of prayer later on in 1999. As I prayed for the NYC Jewish Community I received a calling to move to Brooklyn where I now reside. I attend Shabbat, and work with Jews now. Mary recently spoke to me of her love for the Jewish Community and her desire for Catholics to love them not be anti semitic. Beloved it is our love for one another that will be remembered, not anything fancy people did. The Nazis were mostly Catholic, all must overcome hatred.....
What ever we KNOW 100% that God has called and prepared us to do, we must do it with all our heart soul and strength, for this is what LOVE is. May all of us be the answer to prayer for others, and the breath of life to those in need. Mary is the sweetest of friends you can have, and the kindest of all women I have known. Shalom... the Jew who loves Mary [/color]
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By athenacp

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