Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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By HOF_13
I was wondering is it okay to put sugar or honey in my water on fasting days? Or is it best to do just plain bread and water?
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By Maryh
Hi, I'm certainly no fasting expert but I just thought I'd share with you something I heard
with regards to praying which is to 'pray as you can, not as you should'
, which I think can be applied to fasting also. So maybe if you 'fast as you can, not as you should' & God knows
your doing your best from the heart.

I do know our lady said that a fast with bread & water is the best one.
I heard a priest recommend fasting mostly from food until 6pm in the day & then have an evening meal & he said you could have fruit juices or even Coca-Cola to drink during it... :lol: but I do know that some people get into big trouble with low blood sugar problems so they may need to
have something like that.

Maybe you could try for the plain water & have another bottle of well diluted fruit juice in water & just take that only if you really need it,
say if your feeling like your going to pass out or if your suffering from low blood sugar reactions.
I think I'd prefer a diluted low glycaemic index juice like apple juice diluted because sugar water/honey may give you sugar 'rushes' & just make you feel a bit crazy. (I don't know if it would; its just a guess)

Practically speaking I doubt that our lady wants you to keel over during your fast or to become totally non-functional!
For me, I really struggled with just bread & water alone, as I wanted hot tea and the bread sent me to sleep, so I have to work out
for myself how to fast as I can.

Anyways; I need to develop the fasting habit too, & not think of it as any kind of 'diet' but that I'm doing it
for God alone!