Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By beloved
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By athenacp
By AnotherMe
MRSTOL wrote:Dear AnotherME;
I am happy for you!! Miracles do happen, What is the Job? In Art?

Love in Christ,
Thanks everyone. Mrstol not sure about miracle on this but I did get a job for a city agency in teaching computers. It's okay. Nice people. I found out I am NOT permanent like other city employees. In order to become permanent I have to take city tests and this MIGHT MEAN taking a job that pays less which I will NOT DO. They are already under paying me for my credentials. SO I AM GOING TO THINK POSITIVE and PRAY and believe that I will be able to take a test that will bring me to a higher level of pay and employment and that will make me permanent.
I do believe what we visualize and what we pray for will come true.

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