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While St. Gertrude was offering a certain action
to God, saying:

O Lord, I offer Thee this work through Thine Only Son, in the
power of the Holy Spirit, to the praise of Thine eternal Majesty;
it was revealed to her that whatever action was thus offered
would acquire a worth and acceptableness to God beyond all
human comprehension. For as all things appear to be green when
seen through a green glass, so whatever is offered to God
through His Only-begotten Son cannot be otherwise than most
precious and pleasing in His sight.

That you may understand how useful it is to offer all your works
to God, listen to what our Lord said on one occasion to St. Gertrude:
All thy works are most perfectly pleasing to Me. And as she could not
believe this, He added: If you held in your hand some object which you
had the means and the skill to render perfectly pleasing to everyone,
and if you tenderly loved that object, would you neglect to adorn it?
Even thus, because you are accustomed to offer all your works to Me,
I hold them in My hand; and as I have both the power and the skill,

My love rejoiceth to cleanse and perfect them all, that they may be
most perfectly pleasing in My sight.

Jesus, I Trust In You!

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