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Archbishop Hoser is quoted this week on the polish website describing the ongoing apparitions at Medjugorje as “spontaneous activities”.

“These are spontaneous activities. We do not encourage you to participate in these private, still unrecognised revelations. But it’s hard to stop people going there. These events take place outside the strict area of the parish church. And they are very much related to the need for prayer. People who come to church or places of alleged revelations persist in prayer. And this is positive.”
This is the Polish text. “To są działania spontaniczne.”

So the translation seems sound.

There are those who believe the ongoing apparitions and messages are genuine.

Then there are those who choose to believe they are not.

And then there is the position of the Chuch which has not ruled either way.

I ask myself just why the Archbishop says “We do not encourage you to participate in these private, still unrecognised revelations.”

He also infers that his choice would be to stop people from attending. Why would he say this? Does he know something we don’t? Coupled with the recent restriction on filming Mirjana’s apparitions, I’m beginning to wonder if the Vatican is preparing the ground for a negative declaration on the ongoing claims of apparitions and messages.

I keep asking myself as well, why did Pope Francis recently say to the Medjugorje Parish priest to be obedient to Archbishop Hoser? It infers that somewhere along the line there is an issue regarding obedience at Medjugorje. And why did the parish priest go public with the Pope’s comments on the parish website?

I’m sure the answers will all come to light at some time.
bluecross wrote: Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:46 pm So the translation seems sound.
Then a bad choice of words. The apparitions are anything but "spontaneous". They are regularly scheduled events.

And his message is confused and muddled. "But its hard to stop people from going there." Going where? To church at Medjugorje? Or to an [unrecognized] apparition there?

His statement almost reads: We don't encourage you to attend an apparition, but people who do so [have a need to] pray, and this is a good thing.

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