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By gtc
Yes and when I took a moment to realize that this had happened (and in a normal year would also be the feast of John the Baptist' Birth, but perhaps this year being the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is more fitting), I had to stop for a moment to ponder this, and pray in thankfulness for an answer to a prayer many have prayed over the years. There is no doubt in my mind this is not coincidence. A victory for Christ. The last day of the 40th year went out with a bang. But there is still much more that needs to be overcome.
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By ActionReq
In the news I can read everywhere
what the result is of the overturning.
It is difficult to find why, but this is
what I found:

The Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision in Ms McCorvey’s favour was based partly on the 14th Amendment’s “right to privacy” that protects a woman’s right to access abortion.

So I believe that it was found to be
a procedural error that needed some
rectification. It means that the base
for "abortion rights" based on
"privacy rights" is gone.

Now what does that mean for the

They simply find another base.
"Boss in my own belly" is what they
claimed in the Netherlands. And
today they are saying on the news
here: "The US just set back the clock
fifty years"

By any means.
I do not see this as a victory of
my God or Medjugorje.
It is not my God who rules by
prohibition. It does not work.
When my God overcomes, in the
case of abortion, then everybody
will agree on the fact that abortion
is wrong, for the correct reasons.

This what happened last week
is just fuel for another war.
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By gtc
I am not sure what the 7-2 ruling you are referring to is. There were two parts to the court ruling in the Dobbs vs Jackson case. One part, which spoke to the 14th amendment, was voted 6-3 stating the constitution does not address a woman's right to abortion. Then the decision to overturn Roe was voted 5-4, with Roberts changing his vote. Essentially it is a states rights issue and not a constitutional issue. So it goes back to the individual states to decide. 10 have laws on the books that will ban abortion. Another number (not sure how many) have legalized abortion. Many have limited abortion based on the number of weeks pregnant and other criteria.

Many American people think that overturning Roe means abortion is now illegal nationwide (I saw a poll that recently showed this). That was not the case. It was always a states rights issue, but was misrepresented by the press, I believe intentionally. Bringing it back to the states does not end abortion, but it does at least put it in its proper place to be decided at the state level.

As to whether this will fuel another war, to some extent it does. But what it does do is to right a wrong that was done 50 years ago that shoved this down our throats. I do think this is a step in the right direction on multiple fronts. From a states rights perspective, this is a great victory. From a spiritual perspective, it is also a victory, although as I mentioned earlier, there is still much work to do and it will be now done at a more local level. Further, from a spiritual perspective, what needs to really change regardless of the law is the heart of the woman who is pregnant and those influencing that woman. This is where the victory is ultimately won.
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By ActionReq
I believe my God does not like abortion.
But I do believe that my God thinks that
abortion is a consequence of wrong
decisions and the wrong decisions are
the result of a wrong leading culture
where there is lack of support for the
I do not foresee a robust culture change
in the near future, unless there is a
culture shock that provokes this.
The people who say they will support
the victim, will do that mostly until the
baby is born, because the culture lacks
the resources, and because the pro-lifers
are also part of the culture and their
agenda stops the moment the goal is
And the fulfillment of the goal is
"no abortion"
Believe me the pro-life agenda points
are basically lacking in the eyes of my
God, because they are the failing
extended hands of Mary and cause harm
in the victims, more than that they do good.

For this reason the last message had a tone.
A tone you can only hear with the Holy Spirit.

“Dear children I rejoice with you and thank you for every sacrifice and prayer which you have offered for my intentions. Little children, do not forget that you are important in my plan of salvation of mankind. Return to God and prayer that the Holy Spirit may work in you and through you."

"I rejoice with you" will lead many of you
think that Mary is happy because of the
overturning on that same day. "coincidence".
But that is only a projection of your desires
on that message. That wordplay was done
intentionally because it keeps you going.
But the tone of the slow turn to
"your sacrifices (that are real)" and the
"my intentions" without detailing the intentions,
will lead you to believe that her intentions
are your intentions. Also to keep you
going, without having the need for BVM
to tell you her intentions in details.
And keep you praying as to help the BVM
with her true intentions that are good
for the world, without you knowing
what those intentions are, but you thinking
that you are knowing those intentions.
But you don't, and you would probably
not pray for them if you knew them.

Then you read

do not forget that you are important in my plan of salvation of mankind

That makes you feel that the salvation
of mankind included the overturning
of RvW is part of the plan.
In my reality it means that there
is more to do, like the Holy Spirit must
be able to work in you and through you.
In my view she stresses that what is really
important, because abortion is a symptom
and not a cause, and the solution is not
the law prohibiting, but the people
refusing to abort.
When the Holy Spirit works in you through
you, then the extended hands are a reality.
And the abortion will go away.

Why the BVM does not directly say the truth?
Because you can't bear it, and you don't
want to hear that abortion is not something to
fight against. You are proud of fighting against
abortion. Then your mother comes and tells
you that you are wrong, and actually doing more
harm than good with your actions.
Humans do not like critique. They (95%) will
immediately reject and search for apparitions
in their own echo chamber. Bishops would
already have rejected authenticity.
Come on wake up.