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I upgrade the machine to be able to do greater things.
Soon I can do this on linen like the Turin Shroud is on linen, I hope.
Then I will try to make an image of my face on linen.
The below image is also a clickable video.

Next video for next challenge.
Picture is a clickable link.

Few people understand that I am developing
a resurrection machine that seems to be able
to generate an image on linen. Most people
think that I am trying to reproduce the shroud
of Turin, maybe because that is somehow also
what I say because people react negatively
awkward to saying that I try to make a
resurrection machine.
But it is interesting to understand that I am
developing a resurrection machine, and that
I got to the resurrection mechanism via other
While now the machine seems to be able to
produce a Turin Shroud like image. That is
nice because now I can use the Shroud of
Turin to calibrate my resurrection machine.