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By Credo
Until now, I was under the impression that Our Lady of Medjugorje had indicated that once the apparitions came to a conclusion, she would no longer appear on earth. Wondering what it could possibly imply, this always seemed a little bizarre to me. Apparently, however, this is NOT the case – which seems far more reasonable.

The following text has been copied verbatim from a Medjugorje website (actual source specified below).

Is this the proper understanding we should assume regarding Our Lady’s words on this matter?

Are these comments from 'legitimate' interviews with the visionaries?
These apparitions are the last in the world.

However, as visionaries clarified on various interviews, the situation is more complex:

Mirjana responded at a meeting with pilgrims, September 2005, to a question about reports claiming that the Medjugorje apparitions is the last time Our Lady will appear on earth:

"That was a misinterpretation in certain books and newspapers. That was the desire of some people, to make some sensation. But that is not what Our Lady said. She says that this is the last time I am on this earth in this way, but no books have given the interpretation where Our Lady said ‘in this way’. The way I understand is that she will not appear again for such a long time and to so many people – and not that she would never come again."

Mirjana at the question and answer session at the National Conference on Medjugorje, Notre Dame University, May 30, 2004:

Question: Has Mary said that these are Her last apparitions on earth?

Answer: Like I said, She said these are the last apparitions on earth in this way. And I think that She thinks so many years, so many visionaries, but I think that She never meant that She will never again appear on the earth.

Mirjana speaking through an interpreter in London: “That’s not the truth. I know it was written in some newspapers and some books, and I was able to read that. These are the words of Our Lady, the really correct ones. Our Lady said: ‘This is the last time I come to earth in this way.’ And in the books it did not say ‘in this way’. They cut this part and only wrote: ‘This is my last apparitions on earth,’ I personally believe, with the words ‘in this way’, Our Lady intended to mean that there are so many visionaries at the same time and for such a long time (the Medjugorje apparitions) and not that she would not come on earth again.”

Question after Ivan Dragicevic’s talk in Seattle, on October 29, 1997

Question: Is it true that when Our Lady stops appearing in Medjugorje she will no longer appear again on earth?

Answer: In this way, no. In this kind of apparition, no.


Internet Source:
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By bluecross
This subject has been discussed in depth before on the forum, but don’t ask me where. Maybe you can check through the threads. It just seems so pointless going all through it again.

You posted quotes are accurate. I have twice been in the presence of Mirjana when she has answered questions on this. It keeps doing the rounds and after 25 years, I wonder how she manages to be so patient.

That’ one of the problems of speculating on Medjugorje and secrets, people often get the wrong angle on what has been actually said by the visionaries, especially in th early days when “messages” were transmitted from one person to another. That’s why the parish ofice took a grip on the weekly and monthly messages, so that people did not change them to suit their own agendas.

As far as the message about last apparitions, the three key words missing at the end of the sentence in many books are “ in this way”.

This is another problem when people start producing books on Medjugorje, they never really research the messages, especially the early ones, and just “lift” them from earlier publications.

Whatever response you get from your post on this thread will probably give you some idea of the confusion that reigns over the statement about “last apparitions”. Mirjana can keep correcting the error until kingdom come, but there will always be some out there that will not be aware of this or even not want to know the truth.

Watch for the red-herring claims about Fr Tomislav writing to the Pope on this one (therefore it must be true!). This is probably the original source for the error.

The point we have to remember is that the correct or incorrect statement isn’t important when we sit down and see what Our Lady is really asking of us. Confusion always reigns when satan desires to distract people from the real message – and we should be careful and act with responsibility so that we do not continue to play into the hands of satan by keeping on stirring the pot of confusion.
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By padraig
I am so glad to hear this!! There seems to be an awful lot of misunderstandings about Medugorje. It always made me very sad to think that this might be the last time!!

But of course how could a loving mother fail to keep visiting her children?? :D :D

I can see you have to be careful not to believe everything you read, thank you, Blue cross. :wink:
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By padraig
I never knew there was so much to Knock! Before when I visited it was only a few hours, but this time three days!!. I will post pictures and a small blog later when I get my pic downloaded. It reminded me a lot of Medugorje, I never realised we had such a treasure right on my own door step!!
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By Credo
Thanks for the 'confirmation,' Bluecross.

Yes, many people seem to have an affinity for sensationalism. This issue of the “last apparitions on earth” never seemed reasonable to me – even though this alleged claim has been printed in many places.

Given the fact that many similar issues continue to be rehashed on the discussion forum, I wonder if Sean has given any serious thought to establishing a FAQ section... as currently exists for technical related issues.

I’ll look forward to seeing your photos, padraig. (I’ve never visited Knock.)

Peace & Blessings! :D
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By padraig
I downloaded six videos on utube, Credo and have left a link on the pilgrimage part. I also took a lot of photos but I am not sure if I am allowed to post in taking up too much band width??
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By puddyhuston
I dont think it uses Sean's bandwidth Padraig if they are posted on that other site imageshack or you can post them on my msn site and give a link here
It is here and has a photo album for all members ... neral.msnw


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